What is Organic and why Organic?

It all began while I was teaching a class about food( An English class) and we began talking about aisles, groceries and so on. So I brought up “Organic” and was shocked at all the responses I got. Not many people knew what organic was. So I decided to write blog post about it. What is organic?! As referred to in the textbook I teach from: “organic is foods made like in the old days ( with no artificial chemicals )”

organics 2

Most people think that organic foods are a luxury, a high-end product and that it’s unnecessary to purchase ( it could be a little pricey compared to conventional) and there isn’t really a difference at times with certain products, but on the contrary the conventional food we eat is the special one if you think about it. It is either genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides/fungicides etc in order for it to grow faster and to be produced in larger quantities and we end up eating that. I know I know, organic is expensive and we can’t afford it and wouldn’t be able to buy everything organic and so on. I totally agree, heck I don’t even buy everything organic. Unfortunately the time and world we live in makes it hard and expensive for us to really consume what is truly natural, but we can all make an improvement on what we put in our bodies. 

non-organic vs organic

Why organic again?! Here are just a few of the many good reasons:

1) Cause it’s food made with no artificial chemicals, need I say more? )
2) It’s what we are supposed to be eating (Remember the old days, where people longer, healthier, happier and less stressful )
3) Our bodies function better having what is intended for it to eat ( Natures food and not labs food ).
4) GMO (Genetically modified organisms) and the pesticides in our food?!
5) Organic food is more nutritious due to better soil
5) Need I be more convincing?

So how about the next time you’re out shopping for some groceries, try to aim for organic whenever possible and choose foods wisely. Some products are all not that expensive. The difference may be very little but our bodies will thank us for it in the long run and will thus function better and keep us healthier and happier beings.  Affordable Organic options to opt for:  1) pasta  2) rice 3) sugar (raw cane or coconut) 4) cereal  5) vegan mayonnaise 6) ketchup 7) quinoa  8) seeds (flax, hemp, sunflower and chia) 9) dried fruits  These are some options that you can start with and if you’re not going to buy organic at least avoid food that contain loads of unknown ingredients and go for the more “natural ones”. Fruit juices especially nowadays are just loaded with unknown crap and the ingredients are mostly numbers. Go for all natural “ no added preservatives and color” and start from there.
Let me know down below what you think, your comments and criticisms are welcomed!!