Just do it!!!

Just do it!!

I’ve always been motivated and fascinated with the “Nike” slogan “ JUST DO IT”. so short, yet so expressive and right to the point. Just do it!!
So, my post today is about exercises and in particularly walking/running.
We usually have a lot of excuses to not exercise. The top 10 reasons people give is :
  1. I don’t have time
  2. I’m too tired
  3. Its not fun
  4. its too expensive
  5. Its boring
  6. I have a bad back/knee etc..
  7. its embarrassing
  8. Its not important
  9. Its too inconvenient
  10. I don’t feel like it
and the list goes on…
What if I told you that you don’t have to pay anything and that it wont be embarrassing, inconvenient, or time consuming?. Just go out for a walk. Yes, that’s right a 10-15 minute walk everyday. Do you have 10 mins a day? I’m sure you can walk anywhere and no matter how bad the weather, anybody can do 10-15 mins.
Just start walking, get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and your lymph moving. You will feel better about yourself, your mood will improve you will be a proud healthier person for doing it in the long run.
Just start off with walking for 10-15 mins and maybe that can evolve into a longer walk, a brisk walk, a jog maybe and maybe a nice run who knows!? Just go out and do it, this is your health we are talking about here and you need to take care of yourself and once you get into the habit of walking everyday you may consider other healthy improvements in your life, like maybe improving your diet, which of course plays a main role ( If not the main) in improving our quality of life.  ( A different post on this later )
Your life quality depends on it, so how about you drop all the excuses and just go out for a walk. I promise this is good advice and your current/future body will thank you for it. Even better, tell a friend or a partner to tag along and start spreading
the healthy lifestyle. Be contagious .
To your health everybody. And remember if you ever feel like stuck, lazy or have thoughts that are pulling you back from achieving your greatness, think JUST DO IT !!
Let me know what you think.

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