How to work out when you’re injured

We can all get injured, its human. But do we have stay idle till we fully recovery? Absolutely not. People without arms and legs are killing out there and breaking records, and here we sit and wait till our injury heals?

Well, the reason I write this post was because I recently got really bad cuts in my feet and hand that left me literally limping and I have a big race coming up in a month (and every day counts), and even if I didn’t I just can’t stay put. I need to be moving. So that’s where I thought of alternatives. We have swimming ( no impact and it will not leave you thrashed) and cycling ( low impact on the knees and non on the foot if you’re properly fitted) . So those were my options, and since I couldn’t hit the brakes or hold the handle bars properly due to my cut, I settled for the stationary bike. Better than nothing.
My point here is, there’s always something you can do, whether walking, cycling, swimming, stationary bikes ( some even have back support) and the options are almost countless thanks to modern workout machinery.
So people, before you sit at home and wait to recover think of the athletes who are doing it with a missing limb, think of those who are out there who are fully disabled, think of those vegetated people. We owe to them, to ourselves and to our bodies to get out there and use what we got available to our best.
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Wishing you all health, vitality, injury free training and peace!