The cheat meal!!

Ice cream, chocolates,  cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, cookies, milkshakes, burgers, hot dogs aaaahhh!! the cheat meal! The meal that many await drooling week after week for some it can turn into a daily disaster.  Here are my thoughts on the cheat meal and why I don’t recommend it for most people! I’ll note it down in points so it’ll be easier for my fellow readers.

  1. It’s a vicious cycle: People eagerly wait for the weekend ( or the cheat day they have chosen) to binge on the world’s yummiest, unhealthiest, most processed foods they can get their hands on and that in it self is something to question, I mean sure I do understand the whole  we only live once concept as we are currently living in the YOLO generation ( as much as I hate that word)  but is that good for everyone? I know it’s a once a week thing, but that can leave you drained all week-long just thinking of the cheat day you’re going to have 6 days later and that can have a bad overall effect on your well-being. A friend of mine actually calls me at work and tells me how much he’s craving Krispy Kreme and another time how he can’t focus cause he’s thinking of marble slab.
  2. You cannot trust anything that’s considered “a cheat” for too long: We as human beings crave abundance and a very few of us have mastered the whole balance, patience, and moderation mantra. So, we are bound to give in to our cravings at some point and turn it into a cheat week, or month, hey and even maybe a year!!
  3. The guilt: Some may feel guilty after eating such a meal and end up blaming ourselves and our body ends up paying the price as you smash it in a workout session, if done hard and  long enough, may result in a crash and burn, and there goes a couple of months off either due to injury or just worn down by fatigue.

I myself used to be a big advocate of the cheat meal day and used to have a massive cheat meal on the weekend,but I have now beat the cycle and have never felt better, and that’s the whole reason behind this post, is to help you feel better and just overcome that annoying tingling urge that you become a slave too.

So how to overcome the cheat cycle? Just eat more alkaline rich foods, more greens!!!
Slowly cut down on dairy ( because most of the cheating foods contain dairy such as ice creams, cakes etc), read up on its effects and make a decision to keep that stuff out of your body. Here’s an amazing article by one of our own nutritionists in Bahrain that will open your eyes to a lot of stuff you may have not known , I really recommend you all read it with an open mind.

Have a sugary option that will satisfy your cravings, for example a big bowl of banana ice cream, or if you’re out for the weekend make sure to pass by Al osra supermarket for some non dairy delicious ice cream ( Note:  Al Osra supermarket is in Bahrain for you out of Bahrain readers) or some fresh fruit juice or two 🙂 yummm, be creative! think outside the box and you’ll soon be set free and will look at ice cream and yummy mouth watery cookies and will just laugh and pass it by like it means nothing to you and you’ll be like : “I laugh at the face of danger HA HA HA AH ”  one of my all time favorite Lion king quotes Laughing_simba_1

So here’s to fighting your cravings, getting healthier and reaching your very best potential people!
If you have any questions or comments, you know what to do

Just one more thing before I post this: Some people have made it a long way with the cheat meal and if you really are doing well with it, and appreciate that slice of pizza, cake or even ice cream then hey! I’m all for it, if it’s helping you stay in line, but if it isn’t then maybe you should re-considere the whole cheat meal.

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