So we walked in to the hospital, a family member was sick and felt a little dizzy. The doctor finally saw us, checked her temperature and all that jazz, then checked if she had insurance, as soon as that was confirmed, he asked her if she’d like an IV?

We were both unsure of what to say, so we said no, the pills would be enough. She had a slight fever, but we good enough prescriptions to last us a decade, oh and it had to be taken in a day ( one of each )

Another instance, a friend of mine had a shoulder injury so he had taken an appointment with a doctor and he was told that he needed surgery, he didn’t want to go straight into it so he went for a 2nd and 3rd opinion, and they all said surgery, He waited on it because he was afraid of surgery. A month went by and BOOM, his shoulder was better, so he decided he’ll wait a little longer and see what happens. A few months later and an x-ray is taken, he no longer needs surgery!!!!


We often think that the doctors have the solution, and they want what is in our best interest, but that is rarely the case. ( Most) doctors nowadays especially in the private sectors are mainly salesmen unfortunately and cannot be trusted a 100%

We usually think that they have the final and ultimate say, but it’s your body and its your life, don’t let just anyone fiddle with it as they please. Do some research, ask lots of questions, we have a right to know whats good for us and not just take their word for granted. Private hospitals in Bahrain push surgery like it’s band-aid for God’s sake.

Do not be afraid to challenge your doctor, do your own research and always look for alternatives that are natural such as remedies and do no jump into surgery without taking more than one opinion and even then they could be wrong.

Now, don’t get me wrong doctors and modern medicine definitely have their place and they save lives as well, and there are many good doctors out there,but lets not abuse modern medicine and make it part of our daily lives.

Challenge your doctors, and think for yourselves, do some research before you juggle down a cocktail of pills and in some cases we should also research when is it absolutely necessary to take an IV.

I leave you with this quote :

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Which ultimately means, eat well and you’ll almost never have to visit your doctor, eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water before meals so you ensure hydration. Wishing you all health, vitality and ever lasting positive energy.

Oh and my favorite doctor joke: “Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a needle”. “I see your point”, replies the doctor.

Have you ever had any similar experiences?

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