How we cater to obesity.

We were talking today in the break room and one of my colleagues felt very tired  cause they had walked a little today and we were then discussing how this country isn’t buit for walking at all. The weather doesn’t help, the dust doesn’t help, and clearly the lack of proper public transportation isn’t helping as well.

what are we to do when the infrastructure doesn’t cater to an active lifestyle? Here are a few tips that I do and some that I need to do more of. These were tips were discussed in today’s class as we brainstormed ideas

  1. Exercise: is a great way to get active, fitter and to improve our overall lifestyle. In Bahrain, we have many clubs that you can be a part of, think of something that you’re passionate about and go for it. Martial arts, running, cycling etc. This will help you stay motivated and will give you goals to work towards, especially if you’re part of a club/gym. A free option would be to gather friends/family and go to your nearest park and go for a walk/jog/run.ex
  2. Move a lot around at work : Use your workspace to walk around, every now and then. Get up and get moving. I usually go to an empty class secretly and do some jumping jacks or push ups. A more acceptable thing to do would be to just stroll around the office every 15 mins or so and slack off a bit.move
  3. Diet: I cannot emphasize how much diet plays a role in the battle against obesity, heart disease and even cancer. Eat a plant-based whole foods diet and beat all that preventable crap!fruits
  4. Active social activities: Here’s a fun one. Instead of going to coffee shops and staring people every week , a fun thing to would be bowling 🙂 or even billiards. We have plenty of those here in Bahrain, You’re being active, social and kinda getting fit there. Or go for a walk versus sitting down to talk trash. Think about it.bowling

Anyways, I’ll keep this short since I’m typing this as I’m standing.

Stay active and don’t let preventable diseases win.


2 thoughts on “How we cater to obesity.

  1. I love that you are typing as you are standing. All of your points are spot on! I included a similar list on my site today – how to stay healthy at work through exercise, nutrition and meditation. Thanks for sharing!

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