The timings to trust

I was giving her “the look” and I got a smile back, I asked for her number incase I got lost since I was new in town and she said, “sure”. I then text her strictly asking for directions and she gave them to me, plain and simple. She thought I really wanted directions. I then text her asking, how was she doing? She replied, good! with a big hearty smiley. BINGO!  I was lonely and needed company, she seemed to be there and I poured my heart out just like that. I was desperate for companionship,  I didn’t know myself that well and I didn’t enjoy being alone much, I thought all my problems would go away if I just have this beautiful girl. How did I know that? We started off talking about directions, how can’t she be the one? Directions! come on! Direction to life, right? Directions to her heart. I was desperate, needy and a beautiful face would solve that.

I began fantasizing me and this girl, living amazing lives, sharing our passions, seeing the world and being in love forever. She later gave me directions to a dark dark room which would lead to my demise.

It failed, and it failed because I was desperate and sad. I was needy, so I took the first thing that came my way ( which by the way at the time seemed like a heck of a good offer) and I imagined amazing things happen, but it was all in my head.

That beautiful girl knew that I was needy, so she took advantage of my loneliness and used it for her ego. Usually, we feed on the needy and the desperate for our advantage. Who would you buy a used car from? The guy who is going to travel and will need the money to pay his loans, or the person who’s selling his car simply for an upgrade and will not settle until he gets his acquired amount? Yep!

When I just got married, I got offered a job and I felt like this was a golden opportunity, so I did everything in my power to get it, I didn’t know how much I’d get paid, so they asked me how much did I expect?  I was so desperate that I told them a very low number ( I thought at the time that I gave them a pretty high number, I was so desperate that I undervalued myself )  just so I get the job and they gladly accepted. I was beyond thrilled! I then realized that I was the lowest paid employee there!  I asked for a raise and they stalled for a year!!! I then realized that I was a damn good employee and I got to love myself, and I had confidence in me. So I quit, with confidence. I then got loads of offers and made more money than ever before.I just had to get to know myself.

The point of this post is ( I kind of lost myself ) that we tend to trust easily when we are needy, we tend to trust when we are desperate and we tend to trust when we don’t know ourselves. The most good-looking people, and the best companies in the world thrive on people who are desperate and needy. Lets not let out minds take us away from reality and in order for us to do that is to get comfortable in our skin and to truly love who we are, and to never settle.

Stay alert , stay alive and stay humble. Looks can be deceiving, no wait let me rephrase that looks are deceiving. Beware of the guy in the Armani suit, and the beautiful woman in red 😉 , the fortune 500 company and the sleek talker.

STAY ALERT! But not everyone is trying to con you though, so stay alert!

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