How to disappoint the people in your life

I’ll start with my boss. He asks me to go and measure a door so we can make a wrought iron door for our new customers or something like that. “Hady, you remember how it’s done, right?”. “Pfft, mm yeah ha ha ha of course”. So, on the way there I start making phone calls left and right for someone to explain to me how to take proper measurements but no one helped or actually no one had a clue how to. So I called my boss and asked him, “just double checking here, but we start from the corner right?”. I took the measurements the best way that I could and went back to the office, he measured them, priced them and called the customer to tell him how much it would cost. He agreed, right away. He later found out that I took the measurements wrong and we priced him around a 100 dinars less so he had to call back and give him the news.

This other time, my friend asked me to pick him up because he didn’t have a car and he had a meeting to attend to, his meeting was at 6. I get off work at 5:15 and it takes me half an hour to get to his place and another half an hour to reach his meeting. I agreed anyways, this guy’s company is so much fun, you can’t blame me. I get off work and it’s rush hour. I reach his place around 5:45, and he’s standing out there, with a long face, as a long as a horse’s. He wasn’t very pleasant to talk to that day.

This other time, I wanted to take my wife out to a fancy restaurant, I just felt like she’d deserved it since I’ve been always working and this was a good way to reward her, so I told her this week, I’m taking you somewhere nice ;). I then checked my bank account and I had just enough for one meal at that fancy restaurant so it was either we go there and she orders while I sit there, smile and compliment the way she looks, the way she eats and the way she holds her cutlery or we eat sandwiches at home and maybe make some banana smoothies. We ended up staying home and having banana smoothies, cause we didn’t have bread at the time and no one felt like getting bread, actually no one wanted sandwiches either.

I once asked a girl to marry me and she said “yes”.  After that happened I was so unsure that I stopped taking her calls, messages and was always “busy”. She then later met me and asked me If i was sure about what I asked. I said “pfft, yes?!, come on babe, seriously?” . I then dodged just enough phone calls to not seem like I wasn’t a 100% sure. I was ok with her knowing that I was in the 50/50. Long story short, she stopped taking my calls after that and I think she later moved to South East Asia to pursue her dreams of being free?! Something between those lines.

After so many more disappointing situations, I began to think about why these things happen to me?  And I now always analyze every favor and every thing asked of me. Can I do it? Sometimes I just shout out a straight ‘NO, sorry cant and then a few seconds later “oh, wait, I guess I’m free and yea I guess I can”. Or I tell them  “I’ll do it but I can’t promise that I”follow through” . I have said “NO” so many times since I’ve slightly come back to my senses and I have disappointed way less friends and family members. Next time someone asks you to marry you, take a second to think about it!

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