A question to ask our young ones ( and ourselves )

It’s been hectic and I haven’t had the energy to sit and write with focus. I come back home, have dates for dinner. Simplicity is master. As we continue to grow, I remember the one question I’d get a lot as a kid, and that was “What do you want to be when you go up?”. It’s a pretty standard question. We all had that question asked to us by our parents, teachers, relatives, strangers etc.

So as we grow up, we’re in a constant battle with ourselves asking ourselves the same question and I still don’t have the answer. What a hard question. I mean yes, saying doctor, engineer or whatever may sound cool and all, but most of us grow out of it and realize pfft, it wasn’t as cool as it sounded 18 years ago. It’s like the power rangers, at the time it was the coolest thing but once you Youtube it now as I did recently, all I could think was REALLY? power rangers

I liked this? I watched this? pfft, I sure didn’t know better. No disrespect to all doctors and professionals out there who are killing it and changing the world, leaving it a better place than it was. But we average joe’s have no interest in staying up countless years putting up all nighters. We’re just not wired that way. So hats off to all you working professionals. But back to the lame answers we gave ourselves and others to please us all, we realized it’s not what we want and we are under a lot of pressure answering that question. I know I was until recently. “Hady, what do you wanna be when you grow up?” I just wanna sit here play the guitar and read some Archies.

what do I want

Maybe we’re asking the wrong question! Maybe we ought to ask: “Honey, what do you want to do in service of humanity?” BOOM! Nailed it. Ok maybe that question is a little to deep for a 5-6 year old. How about toning it down to : ” Honey, how will yaya help help people? ” or if they’re slightly older: “Honey, what will you do to help people live a better life? Or maybe if you feel bad about erasing that question altogether you ask: “What do you want to be when you grow up and how will that serve humanity?”  When I heard that question, I had soo many answers. Instead of thinking of myself as the dead-end teacher I was now the teacher who was sending out troops of educators out into the world to remove language as a barrier and to save the human race from miscommunication. Maybe then we’d have fewer wars. I was now working with a whole different perspective. It’s not a job title anymore but a mission.

I try to connect that with everything I do. The home business I run is a mission to make this beautiful island a healthier more aware place, the races I do are to maybe inspire a person or two, and to be a fitter and more responsible health conscious person to my community and planet.

I think we’ve been asking the wrong question all along. The question is “What will we do in service of humanity?” “What will we do in service of our planet?” Ask yourself that see how you change the way you see you’re boring dead end 9-5. You’ll suddenly feel like Superman. I sure did, and always try to remember that question when I’m feeling down or having a bad day.


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