A little bit of my brain at night.

At nights you come back home just waiting for the food to be digested. Blurred vision, scrambled thoughts and worry about you’re going to feel in the morning. In my previous post I mentioned how you should always look forward to tomorrow. But do you still look forward to it if you know you’re going to wake up looking and feeling like a junkie the next day?

I think we should always look forward to the afternoon and if you’re going to work for a boss you hate and a job you despise, then maybe look forward to the simple chats you have with your colleagues, the evenings after work where you’ll feel super again. Yeah, maybe that. Just maybe

I’m trying to hit 200 words  but it just won’t. Maybe I’ll just let it be.Sometimes we just have to let ourselves go, break our own rules and go with the flow. Just sometimes. I think it can be healthy in small doses. Tomorrow I’ll remember me typing and will probably hate myself for it. But I’ll think of the bright side.

  1. I got to write.
  2. I expressed ( it’s therapy for the soul )
  3. You ended up reading a little bit of my brain ( raw! and that’s what this blog is all about)

I hit 213 words.


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