Just one time

Just this one time. And that’s all. But promise me to never do it again.

I got up and listened to my own self. I later then met two wise men. One told me to listen to my heart and do what I need to do. He said that we are meant to do what we want and what makes us happy. Lets call this guy Lee

The other man told me that our “self” is a very dangerous soul and we should be very careful with it. We should not give into anything it wants. And we should not self indulge into whatever it tells us too. Lets call this guy Bob.

I was confused but I really liked what the wise man said about giving in to what I want or maybe even need. Made the most sense. At least when you just want to do what you want to do.  Lee then told me that  of course there is what is illegal and that I cannot do. Like robing a bank. I cannot do that. But apart from that, just listen to you heart and do as you desire.

Bob told me that desire can be dangerous and that I may end up in a real rut if I’m not cautious with that I do. Also told me that life is about discipline and not desire. We did not make it to where we are by giving in to each and every desire. All the greats have amazing discipline that differs them from the rest.

Lee told me I must experience life in its fullest and do what makes me happy. He used the cliche ” You’ll never know if you never try”. Happiness was a step away. All I had to was approach it and then I’d be very happy.

Bob warned me and said, here’s what’s going to happen. I stopped him right there and told him “Bob, stop spreading your negativity. I don’t want to be a part of it”.

Lee then took my hand and told me to go ahead. And I did. I didn’t feel one bit guilty, cause I was doing what I was meant to do. I was then hooked. I couldn’t let go. And when I did let go, I would suffer in a lot of painful ways till I gave in again. Thank God that it was triathlon that I got hooked too. Imagine if it was something else!! I then looked at Lee’s life and took a took good like at what he had to offer people around him and not just me. He hung with a bad crowd. Was always secretive and you could not really tell what he was up too. He seemed very shiny and wise though. But as I looked closer, he wasn’t happy and preyed on people like me. He simply got his fun out of that.

Lee was very open about everything he’d do. He was shiny in a way where people would immediately feel comfortable towards him. Lee told me that giving into desire can either be the best thing you do for yourself or the worse. He said that everyday we give into alcohol, entertainment, drugs, pornography etc and the outcome is usually bad. All it takes is one time. Just one little time to try  it. Just to say that I’ve done it. We usually think that it leads to happiness. But that is not happiness and that is not a calling. That is an empty soul telling us it needs saving and a moral compass that can lead it. All it takes is one try.

I asked what was that he wanted to tell me when I stopped him. He looked at me and said, “The one thing  that you try once. That desire deep down inside you know is going to cost you ( just like how expensive triathlon is ) either turns out to be an addiction that will lead to your destruction ( destruction of you health, wealth, happiness, family and friends) or it will be a nasty recreational habit that you can’t get rid of. Do not try it just once. Don’t ever try it and feed your soul the goodness it’s looking for”

I’ve written about Bob one other time too. 

The one

I’ve been feeling down at times and wondered why me. Sometimes only.

Around me I look at huge corporations, philanthropists, artists, athletes and great authors. All making a difference and reaching hundreds and some millions of people. It saddens me how little impact I’m making. I want to be out there shooting stars and making a change in a humorous but effective way. I want to live life on the edge where others can recognize what I’ve done or am doing for them.

I walk by and see great impact happening. But none by me. I go back home and sit in sorrow while others fight to make a living. I don’t want to make a living. I’m already living. I want to make a change. A revolutionary change. I moan and whine about how unfair it is.

I get an email that same day from someone telling me how I have changed his life and he has now embarked on a journey to health and adventure. He started a business and told me that he has changed people’s lives through his company and wants to thank me for doing it.

I go out for a walk in the rain and look at labors working in the rain and one of them was sitting there and he looked cold and tired. I went up to him and asked him how is he. He said fine but a little hungry. I went bought a meal and told him “here have this”. It wasn’t much but it was all I could offer. He got up but nearly slipped cause of the wet floor. I grabbed him and held him up. He told me from now on he’ll carry extra food with him so he can help someone. He never wants anybody to be in such a situation again. It was windy so I left.

Three years later I look at the papers and see a face I recognize. It was a very familiar face but I couldn’t remember where or how I knew him. I read the story in the hope that I may know who he is. Maybe by name or profession. The title of the piece read: ” Man feeds 300 labors per week all over the Gulf”. I read the piece with such amazement and the story read that he himself was a labor who was once fed by a stranger and he took it upon himself to help as many people as he could. He made it his life mission to feed labors who didn’t have enough to eat. The emphasis were on construction labors. They usually suffered with low wages and had to live off low salary income and they always faced trouble with food.

I remembered him. I teared up. I was still feeling hopeless and suddenly realized I was calculating it all wrong. It was all a big miscalculation and I was in it for the wrong things maybe. Did I really want impact? Did I really want change or did I want fame maybe? Luxury? appreciation? recognition?  Not that anything is wrong with those but maybe I wasn’t true to myself. I cannot feel miserable because I don’t reach millions. I can not feel miserable because I am not recognized for my so called noble acts.

I then went out and started doing what I do. I just wanted to reach one person a day. Just one. It was less overwhelming. Less stressful and a lot more fulfilling. I want one person to be changed by me. I want one person to be touched and that is my mission. Just one. That’s all it takes to change the world.

If you are reading this then I am happy. Thank you. And I hope that I have touched you in a positive way. Please do come back. You’re the only one I need.

6 Reason you should watch Star Wars

ok I’m ready.

I have seen all the previous start wars and I’m ready to take on part 7!!

A little back story first. I rarely barely ever follow trends. I just hate it when something stupid goes viral and we all have to accept that it’s good because well..the media says so. Brainwash. Just like when Interstellar came out and it was one of the worse and most boring movies I’ve ever seen. Even though it had a great cast but it sucked. Everyone said it was AMAZING. Those who disagreed with me, all had the same argument that I don’t know science o..O. Really?  I remember asking one specific person about it and she said that I would have liked if I liked if I understand physics. I really wish I could tell you all how much physics knowledge this person has. To put it nicely, I was more knowledgeable than her in this field and I have very very limited physics knowledge that I can recall from my O level classes. But I have fallen to the dark side of media this time when it comes to star wars ( inside Star Wars joke, not a really good joke though)

I have watched star wars episode 1,2 and 3 when they came out. I enjoyed them a lot and I never felt like I had to watch the older ones cause it was irrelevant. I didn’t have the urge to know what happen after those 3 but actually before in time. Confusing I know. For those of you who don’t know star wars, I’ll get to it in a little while.

But now that a part 7 is out and I have only seen 1-3. It really got me curious and eager to go back where it all started. And I did!! AND I’M SO READY TO TAKE ON STAR WARS. IN IMAX.

After watching them all I feel thats it’s my responsibility to tell you all why I think you should watch star wars. 1-7

  1. The first movie ever released was in 1977 and it was part 4. Who releases part 4 first?
  2. The effects. Going back to watch the first 3 films I wasn’t really expecting any good effects, but boy was I wrong. The movie was very well made and it’s one of those classic movies that you just have to watch. Just like Dumbo.
  3. The action. For you action suckers. This is one to watch. The light saber fights are just epic. Watch it.
  4. Storyline. Star wars managed to make us relate to a movie that is not even from this planet. We see patriotism, love, family issues ( weird ones), gangsters ( from other galaxies), battles, power, spirituality and so much more.
  5. Icebreaker. It’s a great icebreaker topic
  6. Characters. The characters are true classics that will probably be memorable till the end of time. Especially Yoda and Darth vader. Just amazing.

Now there are many ways you could watch them and people tell you should watch them the way they were released which is 4,5,6,1,2,3. But I watched them 1,2,3,4,5,6  and I was right in track and knew exactly what was going on and who was who. So you have 2 choices. You either watch them in the sequence they were released or just watch them 1-7.

May the force be with you.

And it you must watch * Mimicking Yoda*


My new passion

I’m hooked again. It’s like love at first sight. You know that feeling where you buy a new toy. Well let me put it in adult form a little bit. You buy a brand new laptop and you come home, unbox it and just can’t sleep till the sun comes up and then it’s time for work. But you don’t really regret staying up cause you now the ins and outs of your new gadget.

That’s the high I’m at right now.

I’m always and I mean always looking for new ways ideas and ways to feel mesmerized. I need something to just grab my attention and keep me fixated all day about it. That’s what this blog did to me and still does. It got  me all fiery about writing something new everyday almost and I have stuck to it until it becomes a habit. At days I write great stuff and at days some ok and maybe horrible posts. But I WRITE!! And this has taught me so much and I mean so much.

I was stuck in a rut and was always feeling beat down because I would always pursue whatever I was doing with such brutality and I’d burn out. I’d come back yes but I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I started. But now I happen to be enthusiastic about almost everything I’m pursuing at an equal rate.

Some people say that in order to be good at something then you must only do that one thing bla bla bla. If it isn’t working of you then please don’t listen to them. We are Human beings and we can multi task to a certain extent, and we all have different capabilities.  So use your God given abilities and do what you want. You do not and I repeat DO NOT have to do one thing only to be good at it.

I was always very serious about sports and would train very seriously and would rarely do group training due to being focused and what not. When I got married, become a respectable member teacher ( LOL) and became head of a family. I just couldn’t do sports the way I did anymore. I just couldn’t. My performance really suffered and I suffered along side it. I wasn’t doing much else with my life apart from whatever else everyone was doing. It sucked. At least for me it did.

As soon as I changed that mindset I now now feel a 100% better. ok fine 70. But that’s a drastic change. Imagine 70% increase in happiness and productivity. All my goals are now aligned together, even though I’m  focusing on various things, but they’re aligned under one vision. I wish I had a name for it. But here’s how I see it. Health, community, sharing, producing, humor, art, and being politically incorrect.

It’s YOUTUBE. I can’t believe I had to to write 450 words to tell you that. I’m now pursuing a new hobby where I share my insights, day to day activities, tips, recipes, nonsense on my Youtube challenge.

Join me for a laugh,a new idea, enlightenment and maybe some inspiration.

Here I am 

Death after momentum

I stopped and I almost died. It killed me internally. I was becoming a sheep. No I was becoming a something a little better than a sheep. Some other weird kind of animal. After all, we are also animals as well right? Some even claim we were monkeys. Funny. Could that explain my love for bananas? Recently I ate around 36 bananas in a day. Definitely a trip!

I kept doing what I’m doing because it keeps me sane. Most of the time at least. We all have things that we do that keep us sane. That’s why we keep doing it every single day. And we all have stuff we should avoid doing like slacking off etc etc..You get the picture. But this month has just been a total downfall. These couple of months actually haven’t been great regarding time management and schedule  but December has been the absolute worst.

That’s the problem with a rhythm and momentum. Once you get out of it, it just gets so hard to get it back, especially when it was hard in the first place. It’s like a big snowball falling off a downhill and then it’s suddenly stopped by a bunch of trees. Then summer comes and it slowly melts over those trees and that liquid will stay there till winter again until it becomes an iceberg….. So you see, getting back isn’t as easy anymore. Especially if you have stopped for a good while.

Getting momentum is what we need to get going but I’ll get it back. I just indulged a little in the lack of momentum and rhythm but its depressing most of the time. This isn’t me and now I have firsthand experience how a lot of people feel a lot of the time with no sense of direction. Yikes.

Whenever I lose that rhythm I fall back. Here’s what I’ll do to feel a 100%  or 80%.

  • Establish a schedule
  • Journal
  • practice gratefulness as much as I can
  • create rituals. Noticed I used the word rituals and not habit. I’ll aim create habits that are so strict that they’ll seem like some crazy ritual.
  • Build a snowman someday.

Question part 3

We all thought that Haddaway solved the million dollar question. We were all shaking our heads to it after all.

What is love?
Baby don’t hurt me
Don’t hurt me
No more

But no.

He only said it how he saw it. But that song was very popular not only because we saw Will ferell shaking his head to it but because it was good music that was super relatable. Love is pain right?

I asked someone very dear to me, what is love? They said you are love. As flattering as the answer was, I don’t think I’m completely pain. So what am I then? Am I pain, pleasure and a little bit of awkwardness thrown in the middle?

Some say that Love is indescribable and there have been amazing love stories out there and songs. We all know John Lennon when it comes to love. Ah yes! All you need is love la la la la …All you need is love, love, love love is all you need. This is the same guy who beat both of his wives, abandoned one of his children, verbally abused his gay Jewish manager with homophobic and anti-semitic slurs, and once had a camera crew film him lying naked in his bed for an entire day. There you go ladies and gentlemen John Lennon has defined love for us.

All you need is Love is just too easy because Love wont put food on the table, love won’t helps us stay committed. Saying all we need is love is pure lazy. I’m getting off topic here. We still don’t know what love is.

Is it Romeo and Juliet where if my wife happens to poison herself I follow. Or is it Gandi’s love for his country that made him starve himself till they all listened to him. Some even go as far to say that Love is a choice and we have a say in whether we fall in love or not. Contrary to popular belief where you don’t choose who you fall in love with.

So what the heck is going on here and who do we listen to? It all seems to extreme but our society idealizes love and the problem with idealizing love is that it causes us to develop unrealistic expectations about what love actually is and what it can do for us. These unrealistic expectations then sabotage the very relationships we hold dear in the first place.

It’s a very very hard question where many great people have taken the liberty of answering this question where we all supposedly know what it is.

There is no one answer for what is Love. This question like my other questions here and here is very subjective. Love comes in all forms, shapes and sizes too. There’s that popular but shaped heart, and then theres the real heart that looks pretty messed up. It comes with pipes around it and stuff. Nasty stuff. But there’s a lot of love in there to give.

Love meaning care. Meaning understanding at the hardest of times. Meaning let downs and forgiving. Love is responsibility. Love can be blindsided by lust, fame, money and other interests that come in handy for each individual.

What is love to you ?

Question part 2

He asked me why? And I answered. But why? I just don’t get it.

Somethings we’re just not suppose to get it. We just do it I replied.

It got me thinking late about his questions. They were very good questions. Hard ones, the ones that leave you wondering about your whole purpose.  I wandered in the car that day thinking of nothing but the questions that were asked. But one question stood out. A very easy question that we all had a right to know, since we were all doing it.

What is the meaning of life? That was the question. Easy. Right?!

He was depressed and was looking for answers. He needed something to hold on to.  Life is….I paused. He looked at with teary puppy eyes. A lot of hope were in those eyes. How could I have not answered him.

Life means doing good. Life means purpose. Life means living for tomorrow. Life means surrounding yourself with so much good that you can’t be touched by much bad. Life means to enjoy every moment of every day and every good thing that you have in your life. Life is surrender. Like means worshipping.Life means battle. Life means survive for an even better life. Life is fighting for what’s right. Life is letting go of what doesn’t grow anymore. Life is fear and standing in the face of it. Life is pain. Life is adventure. Life is experience. Life is art and life is creation.

I just kept going and going, I was on a roll. I wanted to give him reason to believe that life is a lot more than what he’s going through. I didn’t want to sound over positively so I added in a little pain to let him know that pain is part of the process and that life is messy but it’s all about how we perceive it and that life comes in many forms. Love, pain, confusion etc.

When I look back at what I told him, I’m proud of how I phrased it all and I he made it out of the that depressed phase he was in. For a while at least.I hope someday when he is feeling down again and life took has become pain again, he can look back at this and realize that there’s so much more to life than pain and it’s all a part of the process.

At least that’s my understanding of life. There are tons of books out there with what life really means but I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve manifested.

To life *Raises half peeled banana*

How to think you are always a blessing

At some point of my life someone told me “You make me feel better”.

She said today I was feeling down and hated myself but I then thought of you and realized how much of a good person I am compare to you.I wasn’t sure how to feel but I guess it was good that I was making someone feel better.

No matter how bad we are, we are a blessing to others. If we’re rude, we are teach others patience and humility. Or we teach them how to have better comebacks.

If we are greedy, we can teach people to learn to give more because of the situation they were put in and how they wouldn’t like anyone else to be put in that situation. Or we could maybe even teach them to save some money. Win win.

In some cases being a bad person can help others way more than you being a good person. When you meet a very good, talented,  rich or successful person most people feel like total garbage after a meet with them. They feel down, empty and like they have a lot left to accomplish.

When we meet downright self righteous people most of us automatically despise them and feel better  about who we are.

Be who you’re meant to be and you’ll be a blessing anyway.

Now please don’t take anything I wrote seriously and be the best version of yourself.

I am a blessing as well.

Question part 1

I found myself wondering how to answer this question as it appeared on a form. It was like a slap on the face. I know it’s an easy question but it just felt like such a serious question, even though it was so simple.

I paused and looked at the question for a while but did not answer it. It was such a drag. The simple question was ” tell us a little bit about yourself”. What kind of trick question is that suppose to be? I mean seriously.

DO you want to know my hobbies, my favorite color, my favorite pizza flavor? What was it? I felt embarrassed to write about myself. I am Hady and ….. I like to read…and mmm…I don’t have a favorite color because I think that is a very subjective question that should not even exist. I for example like white t-shirts but I don’t like white cars very much. Maybe if it was a Lamborghini.

I felt so lost and didn’t where to start. I had to look up my social media profiles to see if I have written anything there and to maybe copy it down. That was exactly what I did, but I felt like a cheat. Felt like a cheated in an exam. The exam of life. Why couldn’t I answer it, I think its’s a very vague question or maybe a difficult one where I haven’t yet figured out the answer. We all try to make something of ourselves not knowing who we are. Maybe it’s something we create as we go? Or are we born with a clear identity already?

I for one am unsure but will try and answer it here at the best of my knowledge.

MY name is Hady Elcott, I am a boy. I like reading, writing , running….
NO..Just no. I don’t feel like I’m ready to answer that question just yet.WHO AM I?who am i

Tell me a little about yourself please

The stalker I wasn’t

I was the one who’d walk in Universal city alone. It’s called Universal city because it’s a very universal place. People from all over the universe come to walk there. I was seen with some people but not a lot and was always finding something new to do on social media.

I later got a message saying this, :I . That is what they call a neutral smiley. I replied back saying Hi? . Then got nothing back. Told her I missed her and it’s been a while.  I asked “are you okay?” She replied a day later saying “LOL”. It was a Friday night. and she asked me why was I texting her on a Friday night, lonely much? She must have been confused about who text who. I said that I replied to her message and that’s why I’m texting. She then told me that my loneliness has turned me into stalker and I should stop stalking her. That was the end of the conversation.

I began wondering why would anyone in their right minds say such a thing? I did put in the probability that she wasn’t all there. But what if she was all there? Was it maybe because I walked a lot at Universal city alone?  Or it was because  it is a Universal place and I shouldn’t have been there alone? Maybe I wasn’t all there.

Then I deviated away from the stalker part and thought about how lonely people can be interpreted. Not just as a stalker but many sort of things as well. Weird, lonely ( which has become a modern day curse word) , loser, freak, loner?! 

We nowadays have become terrified of being alone not just because it’s scary but because of the way its perceived . Its looked upon as wrong, bad and very antisocial. It’s why many are depressed, stressed and in extreme cases suicidal. We don’t know how to be alone and that can be a dangerous thing.

Here are 7 things I do when I’m alone to keep from not being a stalker :

  1. Turn off all social media. When I’m alone being on social media is like calling depression my way. It’s just bad. When we’re alone and we see people supposedly living such brilliant, amazing shiny lives. How would that make me feel? I start wanting to visit countries, be places with people, marry celebrities and own a mansion. Staying away from social media is something I do for the sake of sanity. Phones all turned off and signed out of everywhere. Its toxic I tell you
  2. Write. Or type, I’m a horrible writer, I have really bad hand writing and when I start writing and look at my handwriting, it just discourages me and I stop. So I type instead. Type about what I’m feeling, things I want to do, make plans. Just open up an empty canvas and type. I guess that makes me a typist.
  3. Read. I read up on about how to be lonely better. I read interesting stories. What I always suggest to my students is to find something they’re passionate about and read up on about it. There’s no such thing as I don’t like reading. We all have an interest that we would LOVE to read about. Cars, football, games, self help ( don’t know why its called self help if the book is one that’ll be helping you. How about help book? ) . Maybe pick up a magazine, search blogs, just try it. Or ask a friend to lend you a book, sometimes helps in starting you off with reading.
  4. Call my best friend. Whenever I’m bored or have nothing to do, I end up calling my best friend and we just talk and talk and talk. It’s amazing what wonders friends can do. And if you’re really lonely and don’t have a best friend or your best friend isn’t much of a talker then don’t do this point. Or shoot me an email.
  5. Ponder. It’s nice to have some quiet time to myself, where I just wonder about the future, think of tomorrow and it’s amazing benefits. Or just sit in silent and see what ideas come up. If anything is great, I write them down so I can write about them or talk about them even.
  6. Walk. Walking is always a great thing to do when I’m alone. Especially when the weather is good. You just can’t beat a good old walk.
  7. Movies. If I have something good to watch a movie works like a charm on me. I put it on and it’s just me and the movie. Or even better, I go to the movies, get a large popcorn just for ME and enjoy. Why do people even go the movies together when you can’t even talk. Some people won’t even go the movies alone? Really? You want someone you know sitting beside you? Lone-a-phobic much?

And those are the main things that I do to not stalk my fellow social media people.

Now I really want to go to Universal city.

city walk