Question part 1

I found myself wondering how to answer this question as it appeared on a form. It was like a slap on the face. I know it’s an easy question but it just felt like such a serious question, even though it was so simple.

I paused and looked at the question for a while but did not answer it. It was such a drag. The simple question was ” tell us a little bit about yourself”. What kind of trick question is that suppose to be? I mean seriously.

DO you want to know my hobbies, my favorite color, my favorite pizza flavor? What was it? I felt embarrassed to write about myself. I am Hady and ….. I like to read…and mmm…I don’t have a favorite color because I think that is a very subjective question that should not even exist. I for example like white t-shirts but I don’t like white cars very much. Maybe if it was a Lamborghini.

I felt so lost and didn’t where to start. I had to look up my social media profiles to see if I have written anything there and to maybe copy it down. That was exactly what I did, but I felt like a cheat. Felt like a cheated in an exam. The exam of life. Why couldn’t I answer it, I think its’s a very vague question or maybe a difficult one where I haven’t yet figured out the answer. We all try to make something of ourselves not knowing who we are. Maybe it’s something we create as we go? Or are we born with a clear identity already?

I for one am unsure but will try and answer it here at the best of my knowledge.

MY name is Hady Elcott, I am a boy. I like reading, writing , running….
NO..Just no. I don’t feel like I’m ready to answer that question just yet.WHO AM I?who am i

Tell me a little about yourself please