How to think you are always a blessing

At some point of my life someone told me “You make me feel better”.

She said today I was feeling down and hated myself but I then thought of you and realized how much of a good person I am compare to you.I wasn’t sure how to feel but I guess it was good that I was making someone feel better.

No matter how bad we are, we are a blessing to others. If we’re rude, we are teach others patience and humility. Or we teach them how to have better comebacks.

If we are greedy, we can teach people to learn to give more because of the situation they were put in and how they wouldn’t like anyone else to be put in that situation. Or we could maybe even teach them to save some money. Win win.

In some cases being a bad person can help others way more than you being a good person. When you meet a very good, talented,  rich or successful person most people feel like total garbage after a meet with them. They feel down, empty and like they have a lot left to accomplish.

When we meet downright self righteous people most of us automatically despise them and feel better  about who we are.

Be who you’re meant to be and you’ll be a blessing anyway.

Now please don’t take anything I wrote seriously and be the best version of yourself.

I am a blessing as well.

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