Death after momentum

I stopped and I almost died. It killed me internally. I was becoming a sheep. No I was becoming a something a little better than a sheep. Some other weird kind of animal. After all, we are also animals as well right? Some even claim we were monkeys. Funny. Could that explain my love for bananas? Recently I ate around 36 bananas in a day. Definitely a trip!

I kept doing what I’m doing because it keeps me sane. Most of the time at least. We all have things that we do that keep us sane. That’s why we keep doing it every single day. And we all have stuff we should avoid doing like slacking off etc etc..You get the picture. But this month has just been a total downfall. These couple of months actually haven’t been great regarding time management and schedule  but December has been the absolute worst.

That’s the problem with a rhythm and momentum. Once you get out of it, it just gets so hard to get it back, especially when it was hard in the first place. It’s like a big snowball falling off a downhill and then it’s suddenly stopped by a bunch of trees. Then summer comes and it slowly melts over those trees and that liquid will stay there till winter again until it becomes an iceberg….. So you see, getting back isn’t as easy anymore. Especially if you have stopped for a good while.

Getting momentum is what we need to get going but I’ll get it back. I just indulged a little in the lack of momentum and rhythm but its depressing most of the time. This isn’t me and now I have firsthand experience how a lot of people feel a lot of the time with no sense of direction. Yikes.

Whenever I lose that rhythm I fall back. Here’s what I’ll do to feel a 100%  or 80%.

  • Establish a schedule
  • Journal
  • practice gratefulness as much as I can
  • create rituals. Noticed I used the word rituals and not habit. I’ll aim create habits that are so strict that they’ll seem like some crazy ritual.
  • Build a snowman someday.

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