I have abandoned

Ok fine, I’m guilty as charged. I have cheated.

But it all happened organically. I never meant to. I feel so dirty writing this. It’s like coming back to a person you have abandoned letting go of them at their weakest just to come back realizing it was you who needed them all along.

Before you, my fellow reader get carried away. I’m talking about my lovely lovely blog. The blog that has really helped me at desperate times. It has been there for me whenever I’ve needed. What more could I have asked for? I mean really? But we tend to take those things/people for granted most. Unfortunately. Until its too late. Fortunate for me, I returned before its too late. I’m back and I feel like I have been forgiven. How can I tell? Let me tell you how. My fingers are razor sharp, the words are flowing out like butter.

like buttah

Which means that I have my groove back and I’m loving it



It feels so good to be writing like this again. And I don’t ever want to abandon it again, not for this long at least. It’s been like..3-4 days? . Still. It feels like i’ve been gone a lifetime.

So where have I been?

Well, the world of vlogging has taken me by the horns. I’m in love again. But it isn’t fair to say in love again because I’ve always been in love. The right phrase would be ” in love with more”. We are capable of so much more. Why do we limit ourselves? let’s love and spray it all over the place. I love making youtube videos just as much as I love writing. They are both very different and dear to my heart.

They both bring in different sides of me. And that’s who we are. Different people to different situations and circumstances.  But they both definitely have one thing in common> They have my full attention. They squeeze the creativity out of me. They make me do/write things I thought I wasn’t able to. I learn a lot everyday from these two disciplines and I totally love it. Thank you Blog. Thank you Youtube.

I realize now that I really have a passion for film making. And I love making daily films. As I write this I feel like my head is spinning. I’m sitting in a dark room and everything around me is spinning but me and my laptop. Now that’s pretty wicked.

I want to continue writing and I will do my best to make enough time for it. But for now my heart goes hand in hand with you ( the blog) and Youtube. We shall see who remains standing last.

Hopefully nobody falls. Until I do








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