I walked up to him. It was windy and we stood right in front of the highway in winter.

Winter had already come. I walked up real close, took one glove out and  smacked him right in the forehead for stupidity. The sound was like music to my ears. He started yelling and protesting but I walked away and ignored everything else. The rest was not important to me. I got my satisfaction from the smack and the beautiful tune that came out of it.

A few days later, I felt a little guilty. Still proud but guilty and what if I handled it in a better way? What if I just spoke calmly and let him indulge in his stupidity and stubbornness. What did that slap in the head solve but my satisfaction?

He obviously still thinks he is right and makes a good point after that. So nothing really changed about the way he thinks. He just got humiliated and I felt better about it. But where’s the good in any of this? I mean is that self satisfaction really helping me?

I think it was helping my ego. And that’s not good. Ego is good, only when its going to do good. We need a little ego to get things done in life but not to hurt others like that, especially when it does not benefit anyone.

On another occasion I was then asked, what I though was a very stupid question. I thought about what I did the other day to the gentlemen and the noise his forehead produced was not one I wanted to hear again. So I kept my cool and thought about the question.

Here’s what my brain analyzed. Stupid, offensive and disciplinary questions are asked for 2 reasons.

  1. The person asking really doesn’t know what you’re talking about and they are genuinely curious. Which is always a good question to answer then.
  2. The second type is where they ask questions to just piss you off, annoy you or try and belittle you .

Number 2 is where I have trouble with. Or had. I’m working on them. People who want to belittle you or try to show you that they’re better than you are those who are little people inside and need to uplift themselves by showing you that they’re better.

Here’s the dirty secret. They never get uplifted by doing that. They just don’t know it. As proud as I felt that way, I really feel the need to keep doing that again and again to feel better. That’s why I had to stop doing it.

People who are miserable make others feel miserable. People who feel little need to belittle others. They get temporarily uplifted by being who they are to others.

Please forgive them. Smile. Answer them and walk away. And don’t ever look back.

Whenever you’re put in a situation always remember ABC

A lways

B e

C ool

Keep your cool, you’ll feel better, they’ll feel worse and you’re actually helping them overcome whatever they’re going through.

SO please ABC

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