Are we really spoilt for choice?

“You’re not going to eat that!”  was the last thing I heard from them.

And that was the end of those relationships.

We are open to all kind of things nowadays. But not when it comes to food. When it comes to food we become closed minded, arrogant, ignorant and plain stupid beings.

Of course I’m luckily not any of the above. Anymore. Maybe if I didn’t have those eating habits I would have been the same. I would have been as ignorant and closed minded as our beautiful society.

One thing I’ve come to learn for sure is people who think outside the circle are the most accepting and open minded people. But we/they are often the ones that are pointed the finger at for being closed minded and ignorant because we don’t subscribe to their agenda.

We are open about religion, sexuality ( nowadays) , politics ( mostly) but please God oh God do not talk about food or else you will be eaten alive.

Try going to a family dinner with your own food and see what happens. Yep.

In my case try taking papayas with you to a family Iftar ( Ramadan’s breakfast ) and see how open minded everybody gets.

Everyone gets so concerned once you start eating more fruits and vegetables and less of what they eat. They’re afraid we’re going to miss out on heart disease, diabetes, passing on the torch to the coming generations and of course good ol’ protein.

Last ramadan, I had the honor of eating all of my meals alone and I don’t think that I have ever felt better, leaner and just good overall during Ramadan. I was going through  cartons and cartons of fruits all on my own. Did I miss being judged and called upon during my meals? NO! I was having so much of a blast that I recorded 90% of my meals and posted them on Youtube.

After that I had people actually call me and tell me how they wish they could do that but they you couldn’t because they’d be invited over to family and friends and they wouldn’t let them. Let me tell you that one of the people who contacted me was a mother of 3.

Yes, they’re an open minded family as long as you eat what their eating.

Try bringing pizza over and see how everyone reacts. Mostly happy. Some will say ” Why, but we have food. Better food at home” and that’s as far as it goes.


BUT try bringing a box of mangoes, papayas or bananas and watch hell unleash as they try to school you on nutrition. Yes the diabetics, heart diseased, over weight loved ones shall school you on what’s to be eaten. Fruit only comes when you have stuffed your gut with oil and salt. Then comes a slice of apple to make it all go away.

I now find it mind boggling that we get nosy and annoyed on what people eat. Especially when its plant foods.

All these food choices, all the kinds of people we have living on this planet. And food is still enforced upon us. I don’t why it offends people that I’d prefer a banana over their oily foods for breakfast or whether I eat 30-40 bananas day at times. Or when I eat 6 kilos of mangoes in one sitting.

As extreme as all of this sounds. I find eating half a liter of oil extreme. Even if it’s olive oil for God’s sake. I find smoking not only extreme but irresponsible to your health, the health of everybody around you and irresponsible to the little remaining fresh air that we breath. I find it extreme when you start falling asleep after a meal and that your life should be put on hold after every meal. I find it extreme when I can’t look at my private parts when I stand straight.

I especially find it extreme when they have to open up my clogged arteries. More than some would call that extreme, right?


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