Please tell me your excuse too

Ive been missing in action and I miss writing. I sold my laptop and haven’t written anything since. I’m typing this out of my IPhone. It isn’t the same. I’ve avoided writing a whole blog post on my phone just because it doesn’t feel the same.

But is that really an excuse to stop doing something?  Sure it’ll take me longer and sure it doesn’t feel the same!  But do I really have to stop? I mean, I have a smart phone for God’s sake and a WordPress app is even on it.

I feel like those people that give me an excuse on why they eat poorly due to having a low budget. Or like those who say they can’t workout cause they can’t afford a gym membership (little secret between you and me: neither can I. Shhhh) or even worse I feel like those who say when I get X I’ll be Y. 

But today as I sit waiting for my late student to show up (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise so I can write this ) I feel frustrated without a laptop and feel less. Just less. It’s like I’m missing a big part of me. 

I haven’t blogged in a while and haven’t video edited in a while too because of a laptop. I’m holding a smart phone that’s capable of doing both. Maybe not as efficient but it gets the job done. 

Does a laptop define me? Does a gym membership define you? What other material possessions make me into the person who I am today? 

What defines you? And what excuses are you making for a better more productive life too?

Please make me feel better and tell me what perfect moment are you waiting for you   to become the person you want to become? 

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