How to eat your way to weight loss without exercise

“I need to lose a couple of pounds/kilos” . I need a gym membership or need to start working out is the first natural instinct reaction to the solution. Start working out.

I think this comes last. You do not need to work out to start losing weight. But what you should be looking at is your DIET. That is all that mainly matters. The extra pounds you have on can easily come off by simply walking as a workout and this is the main thing  people misunderstand.

Here’s a classic weight loss attempt scenario.

  1. Starve yourself with eating rabbit food
  2. workout excessively
  3. Eat like a pig again.
  4. Repeat

And sure a couple of pounds will come off here and there but at what cost? Damaging your metabolism is one. Being mentally and physically drained. And complaining 24/7 about being on a new diet is another one. So please spare us all and yourself mainly the drama and don’t do any of the above.

Here’s a way of losing tons of weight without doing that crazy amount of exercise. Just get out and walk for God’s sake.

  1. Eat more rice: Yes, you heard me. Eat more rice. “But isn’t rice fattening and really bad for me, and my doctor said…OMG I can’t even continue my sentence, I’m already panicking” It’s your overweight doctor that might  have played a role in getting you there the first place. Rice is one of the best and most cheapest staple  foods you can eat. All you have to do is steam it and not cook it without oil, salt and animal products. And your good.
  2. Replace salt with spices, herbs and lemon/lime: Lemon has this salty taste, I have no idea why people are salt obsessed. Use spices such as cinnamon, cumin, turmeric etc to spice up your food and life. It’ll do you good. Trust me on that. ” I need my iodine though, right?  I mean iodine is important”.  All the packaged foods is already filled with table salt that does contain iodine. So please stop worrying about getting adequate iodine. Believe me iodine is the least of your problems. Salt retains water and you don’t need to be retaining anything else now do you?
  3. Significantly cut out meat, dairy and eggs: ” oh no! I need my protein you see ” You don’t even want to go there believe me. Excess Protein is also what contributed to your huggable gut. It’s time to rid the myth of extra protein and get lean. Here’s a great article by an ATHLETE about slaying the protein myth . So cut down on that you’ll be on your way to weight loss.
  4. Stay full with whole food carbohydrates: Since it was protein and cheese that kept you full all day. Steam/bunch a bunch of potatoes and go crazy. Who doesn’t like fries. Sweet potato fries? Bake them though. You can eat more potatoes, rice, banana, and all of those yummy foods that nature provided for you. Your overweight doctor may not like this advice.
  5. Eat more: Hungry? Good! Eat more. Your body is just telling you it wants to eat. So give it the food it deserves. Give it some plants. Give it fruit. Give it love.

I stay lean with very little exercise sometimes. And it’s my diet. Not my workout routine. Stay healthy and start eating your way to weigh loss.

I always seem to a little ticked off when writing about weight loss due to all the misinformation out there. But “hey” I’m passionate about getting you fitter man.

To your health.

The benefit of the doubt

They told me I was their love. It sounds way more romantic right now as I say it. But arabs guys tell each other “Habibi” . Which means beloved. Now I may have taken that word slightly more seriously than I should have. It’s thrown around here all the time and used as slang.

A few girls also told me how I was their friend and I believed them. I really really did. I’d walk around and tell people, ” do you know ….., my friend? Well, anyways she is my friend, you know that right?”

I still gave them the benefit of the doubt that they meant it a little more than just slang. Not in a gay way. Just in a more brotherly way.

My last post was about my business and I really needed it to spread around ( Bahrain) . So I posted it everywhere on social media and asked all of my family and ” friends” to share it.  The sharing pace was really moving slow. So I figured to ask them personally. I mean who reads anything on Facebook anyways right? People just want to scroll down, look at cats, and share funny/cute posts. So I took initiative and gave everyone I asked the benefit of the doubt and went right ahead and asked.

I asked a handful of people and some really responded with enthusiasm and really made me look good. Some shared as requested and some didn’t share at all.

I asked myself, why wouldn’t my “friends” share? I’d do the same for them in a heartbeat. It’s just a share. I was slightly bummed out. Not because they wouldn’t share it but because I thought were so much more. And I always go above and beyond ( or at least try to when I can . I always try ) to support my “friends’s” projects, businesses etc. Anyone who knows me personally know how much I’d do or even did for them.

Sure, I may come across as an A***** at times  because I may say something inappropriate to you or something you didn’t like but 99% of the time i’ll say it because I think that there are no barriers between us and it’s ok to tell you that. Anyways that’s something I’m working on and I believe I’ve come a long way.

What I’ve learnt from this? Always give people the benefit of the doubt.They may become some of the best people you ever have the pleasure knowing or they may be regular people who are just. You know..there. Just there and nothing else. But don’t miss out on having amazing friendships where one carries each other through thick and thin. Those are the most fruitful moments ever.

The best ones were the unexpected ones who shared without me even asking, and took the time to actually write something nice too.( Love you my colleagues)  . When I read those, I almost got teary eyed. I mean seriously.

Some people in your life can really turn out to be a good surprise.

To whoever reading this. Thank you Habibi.


The Elcott’s smoothie story


Here is a brief summary/history of what we do and not our full history. That’s a whole other post on it’s own but this is just what we do. Our goal and motivation.

We started off with an idea to make people healthier and athletes faster or recover better with nutritious smoothies that were packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and great flavour . I just wanted to provide a healthy drink and start a kind of awareness sort of thing by providing delicious and healthy smoothies.I had a hard time finding smoothies that tasted good and were healthy, so I decided to take a go with the market and boom it was a hit.

first ever stall

Our first ever stall at the 2012 cross island race 

We then hit up plenty of exhibitions and that was also a blast and a success. We loved the energy that were available at those events, the acceptance of our new products ( not everyone took kindly to the green smoothies though ) and the overall great experiences we shared.

event 5event 2event 6

We then decide to branch it into food and start preparing meals. This was our real breakthrough. There are no vegan restaurants in Bahrain and the vegan, healthy options were very limited. So we decided to hit the market with that. It was very risky but the rewards were worth it.

At some point we had to limit our orders because we couldn’t catch up with the lunches. We then hired a driver to help us deliver the food because we couldn’t manage the volume all on our own.

We now have a weekly set menu lunch that could be delivered to your office or home. We have smoothie bundles that are fantastically delicious and are a big hit ( Th e green bundle,  the berry bundle, the winter and summer bundle )

Our my main aim to provide healthy food made available to all people and not just to the elite. Healthy food has had a bad reputation of being expensive and elitist. We are here to change that and provide affordable delicious packages that everyone can afford. We thrive on our goal and also aim to improve our services.

Our food is a 100% plant based, naturally low fat, low salt and mainly oil free. We use the best produce and products we can get our hands on. We offer organic when possible, gluten free and white rice alternatives. Our profits are razor thin and just enough to keep us afloat. We want to be a positive and an affordable part of the health movement.

The people who run the business are:

maria kitchen

This is Maria and she always makes sure our food is top notch.


This is Maria and she plays an important role in making sure that all the food is top notch.


This is the person handling the food, our self proclaimed chef that makes the best plant based foods I have had the pleasure of eating. She’s meticulous, efficient and always exploring  new amazing recipes.


And then there’s me! Your smoothie maker! The person you talk too when you need something, your representative.

This business is what part of why we wake up in the morning and start prepping. We are here to put a positive dent into Bahrain’s food market.  A healthy dent. And this business also puts food in our table. We are no huge corporation, no whole foods. We are just a family of 3 with a goal to make this beautiful island a healthier and more fruitful place.

For more deliciousness and details you can find us on Facebook
And Instagram: @elcotth

Thank you for your business, it’s why we are still here.



healthy unchewable food

I was slicing a few oranges open to eat. 8 large oranges to be precise. It’s the season and I love eating sweet seasonal fruits

As I look as its juiciness after slicing it open and stares me back and tells me. “You don’t need that plate “. I picked out a plate so I can neatly slice them open and place them so I can enjoy without hassle. I couldn’t resist myself. I just started eating it out of the peel. Slice by slice in  a very savage way. My t shirt now has a lot of orange spots on it. And so does my face.

As I devoured the oranges, in the middle of my animal like feasting, I end up swallowing a lot of it without chewing. They just slid right in to my Esophagus. I then was worried about not chewing very well while eating in this embarrassing way.

Lucky for me, turns out that fruits are one of the easiest ( actually easiest) food on the planet to digest. It’s all liquid fibre that’s sugary (Yum). This is no excuse to now chew your bananas, oranges, and mangoes . ( Please don’t ever not chew your apples ). But this is to show that fruit is one of the most perfect foods out there and we should be eating more if it. And that you can get away with swallowing it whole ( speaking to adults only ) with getting away with chewing.

Ear more fruit.

I now feel a burn surrounding my lips caused from attacking the oranges like that  with the peel.

To the heartbroken

Never was a big valentine person.  I once tried to feel the spirit of Valentines during my university years so I wore a red to shirt to class.

Also once in junior high I liked an older girl, I had a pen at home with a heart on top that lit every time you wrote. So I gave it to her, but I didn’t get anything back.

That’s as far as I’ve gone with Valentines.

Valentines is a load of sadness, disgraced history and a great marketing tool.

For some it’s one of the worse days of the year. The mere reminder of all the flowers being sent to people, the posts of their friends supposedly having such a great lovable time while they’re posting funny memes of how lucky they are to be single. For some it’s an okay day. I haven’t yet personally met someone who was in LOVE with this day.

But this post is specifically for those crushed by this day due to the fact that maybe they are missing a certain somebody and wish they were with them or that they never left that relationship that wasn’t meant to be.

The good news is that those feelings are what you want to be feeling. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about when you were together or when you held hands, hugged, shared a moment etc.

It’s about missing them, wanting to die, being miserable. That my friends is love. Or part of it at least. This is what we sign up for when we get in love. And it’s all good.

You are a walking poem and that in itself is a wonderful thing to feel. You have been heartbroken and you can now write, sing and be a living testimony of what sweet sad love is all about.

Masterpieces are written about this. People get rich and famous because of heartbreaks. Poems are sung beautifully due to heartbreaks. You have now experienced first hand love and you’re human. Congratulations on experiencing this beautiful emotion. People go a lifetime without ever experiencing what love really is. So enjoy it. Enjoy the pain, the tears, the risk you had taken, the poker face you had to put out to the world while you were dying inside, the thoughts, realizations and recognitions you would have never had otherwise.

The more hurt and suffering that you experience, the more you will treat your next love with as much gentleness and care and respect and tenderness that you can give.

The real bad part is coming. When you forget about them, when you longer feel love, when you’re like a disney land ride. So embrace the pain.

Sob, smile and savour it.