To the heartbroken

Never was a big valentine person.  I once tried to feel the spirit of Valentines during my university years so I wore a red to shirt to class.

Also once in junior high I liked an older girl, I had a pen at home with a heart on top that lit every time you wrote. So I gave it to her, but I didn’t get anything back.

That’s as far as I’ve gone with Valentines.

Valentines is a load of sadness, disgraced history and a great marketing tool.

For some it’s one of the worse days of the year. The mere reminder of all the flowers being sent to people, the posts of their friends supposedly having such a great lovable time while they’re posting funny memes of how lucky they are to be single. For some it’s an okay day. I haven’t yet personally met someone who was in LOVE with this day.

But this post is specifically for those crushed by this day due to the fact that maybe they are missing a certain somebody and wish they were with them or that they never left that relationship that wasn’t meant to be.

The good news is that those feelings are what you want to be feeling. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about when you were together or when you held hands, hugged, shared a moment etc.

It’s about missing them, wanting to die, being miserable. That my friends is love. Or part of it at least. This is what we sign up for when we get in love. And it’s all good.

You are a walking poem and that in itself is a wonderful thing to feel. You have been heartbroken and you can now write, sing and be a living testimony of what sweet sad love is all about.

Masterpieces are written about this. People get rich and famous because of heartbreaks. Poems are sung beautifully due to heartbreaks. You have now experienced first hand love and you’re human. Congratulations on experiencing this beautiful emotion. People go a lifetime without ever experiencing what love really is. So enjoy it. Enjoy the pain, the tears, the risk you had taken, the poker face you had to put out to the world while you were dying inside, the thoughts, realizations and recognitions you would have never had otherwise.

The more hurt and suffering that you experience, the more you will treat your next love with as much gentleness and care and respect and tenderness that you can give.

The real bad part is coming. When you forget about them, when you longer feel love, when you’re like a disney land ride. So embrace the pain.

Sob, smile and savour it.


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