healthy unchewable food

I was slicing a few oranges open to eat. 8 large oranges to be precise. It’s the season and I love eating sweet seasonal fruits

As I look as its juiciness after slicing it open and stares me back and tells me. “You don’t need that plate “. I picked out a plate so I can neatly slice them open and place them so I can enjoy without hassle. I couldn’t resist myself. I just started eating it out of the peel. Slice by slice in  a very savage way. My t shirt now has a lot of orange spots on it. And so does my face.

As I devoured the oranges, in the middle of my animal like feasting, I end up swallowing a lot of it without chewing. They just slid right in to my Esophagus. I then was worried about not chewing very well while eating in this embarrassing way.

Lucky for me, turns out that fruits are one of the easiest ( actually easiest) food on the planet to digest. It’s all liquid fibre that’s sugary (Yum). This is no excuse to now chew your bananas, oranges, and mangoes . ( Please don’t ever not chew your apples ). But this is to show that fruit is one of the most perfect foods out there and we should be eating more if it. And that you can get away with swallowing it whole ( speaking to adults only ) with getting away with chewing.

Ear more fruit.

I now feel a burn surrounding my lips caused from attacking the oranges like that  with the peel.

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