The benefit of the doubt

They told me I was their love. It sounds way more romantic right now as I say it. But arabs guys tell each other “Habibi” . Which means beloved. Now I may have taken that word slightly more seriously than I should have. It’s thrown around here all the time and used as slang.

A few girls also told me how I was their friend and I believed them. I really really did. I’d walk around and tell people, ” do you know ….., my friend? Well, anyways she is my friend, you know that right?”

I still gave them the benefit of the doubt that they meant it a little more than just slang. Not in a gay way. Just in a more brotherly way.

My last post was about my business and I really needed it to spread around ( Bahrain) . So I posted it everywhere on social media and asked all of my family and ” friends” to share it.  The sharing pace was really moving slow. So I figured to ask them personally. I mean who reads anything on Facebook anyways right? People just want to scroll down, look at cats, and share funny/cute posts. So I took initiative and gave everyone I asked the benefit of the doubt and went right ahead and asked.

I asked a handful of people and some really responded with enthusiasm and really made me look good. Some shared as requested and some didn’t share at all.

I asked myself, why wouldn’t my “friends” share? I’d do the same for them in a heartbeat. It’s just a share. I was slightly bummed out. Not because they wouldn’t share it but because I thought were so much more. And I always go above and beyond ( or at least try to when I can . I always try ) to support my “friends’s” projects, businesses etc. Anyone who knows me personally know how much I’d do or even did for them.

Sure, I may come across as an A***** at times  because I may say something inappropriate to you or something you didn’t like but 99% of the time i’ll say it because I think that there are no barriers between us and it’s ok to tell you that. Anyways that’s something I’m working on and I believe I’ve come a long way.

What I’ve learnt from this? Always give people the benefit of the doubt.They may become some of the best people you ever have the pleasure knowing or they may be regular people who are just. You know..there. Just there and nothing else. But don’t miss out on having amazing friendships where one carries each other through thick and thin. Those are the most fruitful moments ever.

The best ones were the unexpected ones who shared without me even asking, and took the time to actually write something nice too.( Love you my colleagues)  . When I read those, I almost got teary eyed. I mean seriously.

Some people in your life can really turn out to be a good surprise.

To whoever reading this. Thank you Habibi.



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