How to eat your way to weight loss without exercise

“I need to lose a couple of pounds/kilos” . I need a gym membership or need to start working out is the first natural instinct reaction to the solution. Start working out.

I think this comes last. You do not need to work out to start losing weight. But what you should be looking at is your DIET. That is all that mainly matters. The extra pounds you have on can easily come off by simply walking as a workout and this is the main thing  people misunderstand.

Here’s a classic weight loss attempt scenario.

  1. Starve yourself with eating rabbit food
  2. workout excessively
  3. Eat like a pig again.
  4. Repeat

And sure a couple of pounds will come off here and there but at what cost? Damaging your metabolism is one. Being mentally and physically drained. And complaining 24/7 about being on a new diet is another one. So please spare us all and yourself mainly the drama and don’t do any of the above.

Here’s a way of losing tons of weight without doing that crazy amount of exercise. Just get out and walk for God’s sake.

  1. Eat more rice: Yes, you heard me. Eat more rice. “But isn’t rice fattening and really bad for me, and my doctor said…OMG I can’t even continue my sentence, I’m already panicking” It’s your overweight doctor that might  have played a role in getting you there the first place. Rice is one of the best and most cheapest staple  foods you can eat. All you have to do is steam it and not cook it without oil, salt and animal products. And your good.
  2. Replace salt with spices, herbs and lemon/lime: Lemon has this salty taste, I have no idea why people are salt obsessed. Use spices such as cinnamon, cumin, turmeric etc to spice up your food and life. It’ll do you good. Trust me on that. ” I need my iodine though, right?  I mean iodine is important”.  All the packaged foods is already filled with table salt that does contain iodine. So please stop worrying about getting adequate iodine. Believe me iodine is the least of your problems. Salt retains water and you don’t need to be retaining anything else now do you?
  3. Significantly cut out meat, dairy and eggs: ” oh no! I need my protein you see ” You don’t even want to go there believe me. Excess Protein is also what contributed to your huggable gut. It’s time to rid the myth of extra protein and get lean. Here’s a great article by an ATHLETE about slaying the protein myth . So cut down on that you’ll be on your way to weight loss.
  4. Stay full with whole food carbohydrates: Since it was protein and cheese that kept you full all day. Steam/bunch a bunch of potatoes and go crazy. Who doesn’t like fries. Sweet potato fries? Bake them though. You can eat more potatoes, rice, banana, and all of those yummy foods that nature provided for you. Your overweight doctor may not like this advice.
  5. Eat more: Hungry? Good! Eat more. Your body is just telling you it wants to eat. So give it the food it deserves. Give it some plants. Give it fruit. Give it love.

I stay lean with very little exercise sometimes. And it’s my diet. Not my workout routine. Stay healthy and start eating your way to weigh loss.

I always seem to a little ticked off when writing about weight loss due to all the misinformation out there. But “hey” I’m passionate about getting you fitter man.

To your health.


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