The comforting stranger

He walked out the mall looking desperately for a stranger. He then went online and asked someone to help him. He approached me, and said “I need your help and I need you to keep this between us”.

He started talking and then crying a little, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I felt a little confused and lost but I went a long and asked if he wanted a napkin. He nodded, but I wasn’t sure if it was a yes or a no, so I gave him one anyways. He looked up at me and took it a second later and blew his nose but didn’t really bother with the tears.

I said ” We all have problems man, it’s okay”. He took a deep breath and lighted a cigarette. I’ve only met him a few times before, but he spoke to me like he knew me since grade school. He seemed to know so many people and was always around many of them all of the time. I wondered if he told all of them as well. I then asked  ” so what do your buddies think about all this? I’m sure they gave you better advice, ha.”

He told me they had no idea what he’s going through. I was beginning to feel strange and wasn’t sure where we stood in this odd and very brief relationship we’ve had. He then said “I can’t be like that around people I know. A lot is expected of me.”

We talked and talked for hours sharing things we don’t normally talk about everyday. We stopped talking for a long time after that but we never felt like we owed each other anything for that conversation. No feedback . No asking how we were. No misunderstandings.  No judgement. We did have different images of each other though. We knew a little more, but that was all.

Until now I ponder, Why me? Or why him?
Is that what they call a spiritual connection ? Is it why people go to therapy?

I’m sure glad we didn’t have to pay for that one time.



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