Everything you need to know about happiness

Happiness.  Something we’re all looking for. Everyone is in the search team and so am I.

You know the cliche ” stop looking for happiness, stop looking for love” . That’s just wrong. You cannot and must not stop looking for happiness. I mean please. What are we living for then?

I spent tons of money to fill the empty gaps I had, tons on “adventure trips” to later come back to the same s***hole I call a life. What was I doing wrong? I was buying the latest gear, was on the latest trends and even watched the latest ” supposedly” good movies. I hated the movies people liked a lot of the time. Interstellar yuck. Or how about Mad Max! Really?  People boasted about how good it was I just had to watch it. I was so disappointed. I did love every minute of the Revenant though and the Son of Saul. Not many people agreed with me. Star wars was kick ass. Spectre was by far one of the best bond movies yet. I guess all the trends aren’t that bad. The difference was that I had to decide for myself what I liked and didn’t like.

I researched long and hard: ” How to be happy” . There are so many answers out there and the one that made the sense to me ( after applying it to my own life ) was to look around.  I looked around and realised that this was enough to keep me to content. Maybe not psyched happy but content.

Once I was happy with I had or at least accepted them, I fell a burden fall of my shoulder. I no longer had to be a prey to public opinion. I go to say what I like and disliked. What I’ll follow and what I won’t follow. Part of contentment was also accepting other as they are. Accepting their opinions, crappy or not. Most of the movies I watch and books I read are pretty crappy to people, but I think they’re masterpieces. So I guess it works both ways.

Contentment is everyday.

  • Improving your relationships. Everyday try and do something nicer for your loved ones. The loved ones to you. Not the ones are who suppose to be your loved ones. Everyday try and surprise yourself and the ones you love with a little something. It pays off double.  And that right there is happiness.
  • Improve your competent in something you love. What do you love? What makes you smile? What makes you bounce?  What makes you laugh? What interests you? What makes you a better person? What makes you of better service? Do that everyday. Just a little. I read a little everyday, practise gratitude a little, run, move, swim, bike, lift a little, create videos a little and write a little. When I’m done I’m bouncy, happy, smiling, laughing, better, and a more interesting person all around.
  • Improve your freedom. What’s holding you back? What’s keeping you imprisoned even though you’re free. I was once a prisoner of certain foods. I then slowly set my self free, and now total freedom. It’s so liberating. I was once a prisoner of people pleasing. I’m now free to share what I think without being afraid of judgment. I was once a slave to a 9-5 job that had me tied from a lot of the things I love, but I’m now free of that. Everyday I work on my freedom. I was once in an imprisoning relationship where I felt trapped, now I’m free and it feels good. Sometimes this very laptop that provides me with the tools to better myself, inspire and be creative can hold me prisoner. I’m working on that.
  • Improve self love. What don’t you love about yourself? Work on it. Don’t just accept it. Improve. There’s always room for improvement. The whole ” Love whoever you are” is just bogus. You need to be on perfecting your flaws. No one is ever going to love you enough. That’s why you should always choose yourself. I love you though reader.

Contentment is happiness. That’s all there’s to love. You may go do a little bit of it now.

*Drops mic*



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