One of the ways to know if you’re empty

You seem to be missing something in your life. It’s a little more than something.

You have a tendency to take initiative. Not the kind of initiative we all want you to take though.  You walk in to a supermarket, buy groceries and you get over priced. You don’t tell the cashier , you ask to see the manager. You tell him how absurd this was and how you’ve  never received such service from a supermarket and threaten to report this as theft.

You walk out of there extremely hungry. You were in action mode, so you need food to replenish. You go to the nearest Italian restaurant because you feel like having pasta with meatballs on the side. You order just that. Your order arrives and one meatball is on the pasta while the rest are on the side. You stare at the food with surprise. The waiter asks if anything is wrong. You say “No, and smile” . You were too shy and embarrassed to say anything. You take a picture of the food, post it on social media, tagging the restaurant saying how late the order was, and how they got your order wrong and say that  you’re never going there ever again.

You go to school to pick up the kids. One of them tell you that they were bullied by this one kid in class and you happen to know their family. You call your friend, make up a version of the bullying and tell her how their kids aren’t being raised in a proper household and ask of her to call the mother and tell her this incident and how the whole school are talking about her children’s behaviour.

You later ask your father to speak to the principal so he can punish the kid who did that.

You later then go to the mirror, take a look at your face. There’s anger, shame, pride and a lot to give.

You then seek for healing. At least that’s what you should be seeking.

Seek peace. Seek insanity. Seek love. Seek life. Seek giving.


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