What depresses me

I see people constantly getting themselves into depression, but I can’t speak to any of that. I do know how to get my self depressed though. It’s pretty basic and straightforward. I don’t really have to try and that’s the scary part. It’s scary how much easier I can get depressed vs be happy.

We live in a cynical world right now where we can easily be lured into sadness and misery. I get depressed by simply letting go. Done.Stress, shame, failure, lazy, the whole package. Who ever came up ” Just let it be” should have been more specific because that is some damaging advice. Didn’t the Beatles coin that?

Letting it be is one of the worse advice I’ve ever gotten because that’s what leads to my downfall. Living each day with the flow and with what it brings is what makes me  very very sad. Doing what’s scheduled for me and not scheduling myself saddens me. Not exercising saddens me. Not reading saddens me. Not writing saddens me. Not creating videos saddens me. Not praying on time saddens me. Not watching videos saddens me ( No, I don’t mean pointless social media videos). Not having a plan for my day saddens me. Not eating as well I can saddens me. Not seeing a sunrise for a long time saddens me.

Then I spoke to a lot of people and apparently I’m not alone. I ask, ” so what do you have planned out?” And I usually get replies like:

  1. just working (not really since we’re talking but let’s let it slide)
  2. just chilling
  3. just hanging out ( the ceiling?)
  4. busy with family
  5. watching tv
  6. playing with my phone
  7. nothing much

I’m not saying that those of the above things to be doing is bad or depressing. All I’m saying is that most people let themselves go and that troubles them. It troubles me when I don’t have any plans, goals or self made schedule. When all I do is work work work sleep repeat, constantly being on my phone, constantly making up plans in my head and not putting anything down on ink to schedule, not thinking anything new for myself, or creating is what really depresses me.

When we give in to social media, tv and soulless work is when we start to lose who we are and become part of the herd. Or the part of the braindead society.

I don’t what to lose you by saying so much and being repetitive. I will write a follow up post on what gets me out of depression and why maybe you should try it because we are so much a like you and I. You know. Human.

Destined for greatness or at least think we are. Maybe we should act like it every once in a while till its scheduled for life.



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