What you could get out of movies


They aren’t real.

Superheroes don’t exist

Batman doesn’t exist

Forrest gump doesn’t exist and neither does Walter white.

But what can we take away from all of this acting?

We can take inspiration. We can take away energy from them. We can feed off the roles they play for so long that at times its hard to get back to who they really were.

I have always been fascinated by certain movie characters and what they can provide for us. Every movie I watch, I always have to take something out of it. Either a cinematic experience that blows me away with  how they shoot the movie, or leaves me in awe with how good the role(s) were played, a good storyline etc etc.

In this post I’ll be talking about the the roles that can leave us better after watching them. There can be so much inspiration but how to sustain it? We’re usually inspired by the movie as we watch it but a few hours later we go back to living the way we were.

Here are ways I try and grab to the character and suck as much juice out of them as I can.

  1. Make a note of your favourite quotes as soon as you like it. Don’t wait for it. Just write it down asap. That it self helps in absorbing more of the character. One that I can remember now from memory. “ No more half measures, Walter”.


  1. Print out your character and post it somewhere in your room. If you’re too old for that ( you’re never too old for motivation/inspiration) then maybe a new screen saver every other day with one of your favourite characters. I personally enjoyed a lot of Lex Luthor in the Batman vs superman movie. What I got out of him was incredible work ethic, focus and persistence. He did what it took to make sure he got superman, and thought outside of the box and tried to have someone else do it for him. He did his research before he attempted any of this. We should always be researching what we want in life. Even if it’s Superman.


  1. Watch the movie once every month. That can be time consuming I know. But if it benefits you then go right ahead and do it until you bored of it. Hopefully by then you would have already emulated enough of the characters traits that you’re ready to move on the next one.

These are my 3 main tips on how to get the most out of the movies you watch. Always watch a movie with a mindset of learning something out of it.

Cause movies can be like life. And you know how life can be.

forrest gump


2 thoughts on “What you could get out of movies

  1. I am just like you I try to get something from the movies specially the ones that received great reviews I feel that this ones in particular have always a message to send. 🙂

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