When is the day most wasted?

I figured if I were going to lay around and do nothing then I might as well not waste the day.

I went over to a friends place and we started laughing at regular conversations. I then called another friend and we laughed as well. I put on some stand up comedy and laughed some more.

I then called my wife who was hard at work and told her how I’ve been doing nothing productive at all, then we both laughed.

I’ve never felt this good at doing nothing at all. I then decided to do a little Googling to determine the real benefits of laughter—beyond my highly scientific analysis: “It feels good.” Here’s what I found:

  • Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones in our bodies.
  • Laughter provides both a physical and emotional release.
  • Laughter can be a good workout for your abs, diaphragm, and shoulders.
  • Laughter leaves you feeling more relaxed.
  • Laughter brings the focus away from negative emotions.
  • Laughter can give us a more positive outlook on a situation.
  • Laughter connects us with others.

I was always a good laugher. Ever since I was young I’d laugh at literally anything. It would even sometimes get me in trouble at how hard I’d laugh at literally nothing. Heck, I’m even laughing now.

Whenever I laugh the most I feel better by the end of the day. No matter what. I always try to throw in a joke in a serious situation. Many people don’t appreciate that ( my wife included) but I don’t see why. Did anyone die? That’s all that matters really. Is everyone okay? Yes?  Then laugh or else I’ll tickle you to death. I always wondered if you could die by being tickled. My mom once told when I was little that a gang ganged up on this local boy and tickled him to death. Don’t know how true that story is, but that’s some way to go.

As I type this now I now get flashbacks of how I’d make may brother laugh by tickling him every time I’d make him cry and didn’t want my parents to find out. He’d push me away just so he’d continue crying so I could get in trouble. By the time my mom would arrive, he’d be laughing and crying at the same time it would be confusing, so my mom would just laugh at him and tell him “Come on, you’re fine” and walk away. Laughter has saved me from way too many spanks.

Laugh daily. You’ll feel better.

Next time you’re feeling down or, hell, even when you’re not feeling down. Try out some of these tips to get your laugh on.

  • Look in the mirror and make silly faces (yes, this works).
  • Turn almost the your worse experience into one big joke ( unless its rape of course)
  • Ask yourself, “How is this situation funny?” when you’re upset.
  • Hang out with funny friends. You know who they are.
  • Hang out with me. You’ll be either laughing with me or walk away quickly and end up laughing at me. I’m just glad I made you laugh
  • Read a funny book. Funny books never fail to make me laugh, a nice non fiction comedy at the back of my head would be ” Delivering happiness”.  Laughed so much
  • Watch some stand up comedy Definitely not for everyone)
  • Fake it. Just laugh man

I’m laughing right now and feel great about it.

laugh 2

Here’s one last quote I’d like to leave you with : ” A day without laughter, is a day wasted”

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