Why do people get offended easily?


I walked in to the bathroom. Headed towards the basin and there was a guy there using one of three taps. HIs tap was running on full force as he washed his face. He then took a look at the mirror while the water was running at full force.

I look at him and tell him, “will you keep that running?”. He looks at me in slight disgust like he’s thinking “what the hell is your problem?” .  He turns it down but it’s still open while he looks at himself. I just walked out. I don’t know if he did get offended by what I told him but this topic came to mind. So why do people get easily offended. That was one of the toughest questions I had asked myself. I had to actually think about it for long. Then I went around asking a bunch of people. I had to know why are we sometimes offended for the slightest things we’re told. Here are some instances that I remember when people got offensive when I told them:

  1. don’t waste water like that
  2. I eat 20 bananas for breakfast,
  3. I’m not going to your birthday party ( but I still love you),
  4. I’m going to feed my family a plant based diet ( lol, this one really gets to people. I’m still figuring that one out),
  5. I don’t agree with you,
  6. I like that movie,
  7. I think X is a great person,
  8. I’m thinking of doing…..,
  9. making jokes about death ( it can be funny, I mean it is a part of life. So we might as well laugh about it),
  10. Modern feminism,
  11. Me being homophobic ( Whoops! I must be secretly gay then ha! I remember a dinner I was having with a cousin of mine and she was really getting very defensive about that. oh well.)
  12. Playing Christmas music around those who don’t celebrate Christmas.
  13. telling others to calm down
  14. Donald trumps hair
  15. smiling ( yes smiling, sometimes when I smile to random people I get the dirtiest looks)
  16. oh and vegans ( type in I hate vegans and you’ll get over one million results.
  17. Health care ( some people I’ve spoken to really hate to hear that big Pharma isn’t as dreamy as they think. And no matter what you do, please don’t mention the dangers of vaccines. Swear at their moms but not the vaccine please)
  18. Telling parents their kids are weak in a certain area and they need to look into it.(Sorry)

People are offended by the tiniest thing these days, because it’s become acceptable to be offended by something has the potential to offend something else. This is madness (although I’d better not use that word, in case I offend people who are genuinely mad).

I have a great story to tell about an acquaintance I know who used to work in a private school

Each year, she would meet up with a group of the other teachers to discuss all the students  in the school and their annual prize-giving ceremony. It’s a traditional in this sort of school: to celebrate achievement in a big end-of-year party.

Except the purpose of this meeting was to go through the list of every pupil and decide on a prize that could be given to each one. In other words, every child gets a prize – and that prize is invented around the child.

When she questioned why such a stupid process existed, she was told that because this was a private school where parents paid to send their children, there existed an expectation that the child would win a prize.

And therein lies the problem. Everyone thinks that they are special. Everyone thinks that they are above criticism. And everyone interprets everything as a reason to be insulted, defamed or offended, because it gives them the oxygen of publicity.

We are too easily offended as a society. We need to get over it, because it’s becoming really, really boring.

I was once talking to a principal of a school and told her how pointless I think it is that 3rd graders are now graduating from their class. And laughed about it really hard for a while and when I opened my eyes after all the tears of laughter had fallen to look at her she wasn’t pleased at all with what I said and since then she’s treated me differently. Ouch.

Another reason someone gets offended a lot could be that the person is not used to their view being challenged.  They may have some sort of empowerment that allows them to feel like they can get offended at whatever they please.

I’ll cut this short.

Getting offended is an emotion, how you react to the offense is education.




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