What most people don’t understand

I was having a conversation with my grandmother the other day, and she was telling me that when I was my daughter’s age she’d fed me everything from fish to that biscuit they call food.

I was  a fat kid.


I turned out fine though, I overcame my weight issues when I was in junior high. I remember very clearly first thinking about my weight in junior high when I was in the shower. I looked at my stomach and felt like it stood out. I was not comfortable with that.

Almost everyday after school I’d secretly go to my room and start jumping around, did push ups and worked out vigorously until I made sure that my belly was aligned with the rest of my body. It bothered me but I never spoke about it.

My father was a smoker when I was growing up. He stopped right around I was 13-14. But I turned out fine. A friend of mine in high school ended up getting some lung disease that affected her breathing and voice. I remember this very clearly. Her whole household were smokers and that’s how she got sick. I hope she’s fine now though. We are not in touch anymore.

I grew up eating everything that was edible almost until the age of 21. At that age I began to make better dietary choices ( that did not sit very well at home ) . Now I’d say that my choices are top notch. A close friend of mine on the other hand grew up eating the same foods as I did. He is suffering with weight loss issues and has somewhat of a food addiction issues and he’s having great difficulty overcoming.

I was never really into speeding while driving. A few of my friends were. Everyone who does it seemed to be fine. I lost 4 friends already. I wonder how their parents feel now a few years later.

My mother in law smokes like a chimney. I wish she wouldn’t. She says that all of her family smokes and nothing has ever happened to them. I lost my grandfather in his late 50’s and an uncle in his thirties to smoking. Oh, and her mom died in her 50’s. She was overweight and a heavy smoker but they’re not sure how she died.

Just because we/others did something wrong in the past and we turned out fine. That doesn’t mean we should repeat it, pass it on to others or use that as a pedestal to continue living life. We have had the pleasure of being blessed and guarded by a lot of bad things that we have done in our past and continue to do as bad habits.

Let’s not be naive stubborn and close minded to the fact that those habits and mindsets can really hurt us/others and maybe even get us killed.

What’s that? You say you never wore a seat belt and you’re still alive. Oh! so it’s useless then I suppose. Don’t be that hard head and be grateful that you have made it this far without injury because that would have crushed you and you then would have been a burden to those you love.

Just because we have been guarded ( for now ) that doesn’t mean a time won’t come where we pay for our actions dearly. Stay aware and stay safe.

Fasten your seat belt
Drink enough everyday
Make healthy dietary choices
Wash your hands before meals
Brush your teeth twice a day
Act as of this precious life means something to you
Be a role model
Be an inspiration
Be a ray of bright light to others
Be open to the fact that you may just get hurt after so much error.
Be aware
Stay educated
Look around you.

If you’re reading this. I need you for the long haul. I don’t get that many views just yet. Every soul counts.


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