Don’t count your blessings ( Not that you do anyways )

Count your blessings said the wise man. Always be grateful.

I am always grateful for a lot of the things I have in my life ( or try to be ). But is it realistic?
It wasn’t for me.

Every day I wake up I had to tell myself.

I am grateful for this house
I am grateful for this laptop
I am grateful for the box of bananas that keep me sugared up as nature intended
I am grateful for….

It kind of helped. But I wasn’t really feeling it.

I then found a way to appreciate even more the things and relationships I have in my life.

I made a Things you take for granted list.

I noted down:

  1. My job.  I seem to think that I’m invisible at times and feel like I can take it for granted and thats not good. As I write this I feel even worse. It’s working
  2. My health: I recently have been taking my health for granted thinking that food and a little bit of exercise would do the trick. I have been under sleeping and over working my body and that’s not good. I have had a hoarse voice for a week now. It’s still hoarse. Hear me talk  or not. 
  3. My wife. I sometimes forget how good I have it that I stop putting in effort. And a simple example of me taking her for granted is leaving the house a mess. We don’t have a house keeper so it’s just us that have to keep the house neat and tidy. She has a full time a job, a baby to take care of and me to deal with.
  4. God. Others call him the universe, Allah, life, Zeus? ( or was that just Hercules), Karma, Buddha …. But God to me is the one God.  The All-Compassionate,  The All-Merciful,  The Pure One, The Source of Peace, the Guardian, The Victorious, The Greatest and The forgiver. I take my life for granted sometimes and think It’s all about me. It’s not. Yes, its about me but what about me? What am I doing to be a better me.

I’ll stop here on my ungratefulness. It’s petty and sad and you get the point.Now that I have brought myself to shame. I will look at the list and do one or two things better. And that will change my whole day. I’ll be a better person for it. When ever I feel like I’m on cloud 9 I think of the things I’m ungrateful for and that brings me back down.

So my question to you is: What are you ungrateful for?  Who do you take for granted? What’s your shameful list?  Minimise that list today. Tomorrow make a new list.

One thought on “Don’t count your blessings ( Not that you do anyways )

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