The man in the suit

He went to one of his motivational anonymous meetings. He wore the suit and had a long history of attending those meetings.

As he walked out of the door, he took out his phone and turned it off. The meeting was about disconnecting from the world. Disconnecting from distraction and disconnecting from connecting without a real connection.

He went by his day like any other day without the stress and mental distraction he usually had with always checking his phone. He was at peace. Every time he’d go to these meeting and actually listened and took the advice he’d feel great.

His secretary tells him that he has a family member on the line, he tells him no calls for me today.

His mother’s in the hospital and they couldn’t reach him. His secretary tells him it’s an emergency. He rushes to the hospital and she’s already gone. He sobs and sobs. ” Why did I have to turn my phone off?? WHY?”

He goes to the funeral the next day. Phone still off. He watches them take his mother away. He sees a smile on her face, and she looks at him and tells him “You did the right thing. You are at peace now. There’s nothing you could have done”.  She then puts her head back and relaxes it on the cloth as they wrap her up in a white sheet.

They dig and dig and dig. He throws in his phone with her. People stare at him and he looks back at them in silence. They continue burying her as if nothing happened.

He is at peace now.

His mother died while he was at peace.

He has accepted the lack of power of this specific situation. He then goes about his day with all the power that he has.

All powerless and all powerful.

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