The story about the little neglected girl

Born into a stressed out family, she never had a shot at normal. What’s normal?
Normal in a family is when you are given proper care, attention, and a voice.

This girl was born voiceless. She had a beautiful voice but never had the opportunity to use it. She was 6 when she first discovered her parent’s favour of her oldest brother over her.

She’s accepted her fate and loves her family no matter what. She was 9 when she learnt her parent’s would cave to violence, bad mouthing, and disrespect from her elder siblings. But she wasn’t brought up that way but she accepted her situation.

She was 10 when she learnt that her word would never be taken seriously and would be crushed by her siblings. She accepted her quality of kindness. ( After tears of ache )

She was 12 when she learnt that she’d have to fight to keep what’s hers. She never stood a chance. She’s accepted her quality generosity. She was 17 when she learnt that she’d have to choose a life partner that met her family’s requirements. She never had the choice in the first place.

She was 18 when she learnt that she’d never have the upper hand over her favoured brother. At 18 it was confirmed, from birth till she got there it was all doubts.

At 26 she learnt that she’d never had full control over her children’s life as long as she had her family around. She could never leave them her parents. They were her whole.

At 32 she first learnt that her father meant nothing to her after his death. She shed a tear of relief as everyone expressed their condolences. At 36 she knew her mother would fall dead from either a heart attack or one of the many diseases she had due to their lifestyle.

It was at 48 when she learnt that her kids would never show her the respect she showed her mother. She wasn’t as strong and passionate.

It was at 52 where she thought that it was courage that she had when she went all out.

There were no more years after that. Just memories, tears and heart ache.

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