I cry when angels deserve to die

She walked in to the office dressed in white. White scarf, wife blouse and a long white skirt. Her smile was like a vibration. The good vibrations.

Her pictures on social media were all very pure. Not beautiful. But pure. Real.

She’d always b the first to donate for a cause. The first to praise you and the last to leave the office. She kept a low profile at work. Her social media was the opposite. I respected that. Work is for work.

One fine day one of our employees had a quarrel with her. I was already on the angels side. I didn’t know what was wrong, but she couldn’t have been wrong. Not with that smile at least, or that outfit that made her look so pure.

I decided to get to know her. I wanted in on the light. Maybe then my life would be better. I started taking fruit breaks with her. She wasn’t found of fruit. She didn’t really eat much. Probably watching her figure. I loved our conversations. They were always so deep. She’d talk to me about her troubles, her likes and dislikes. She had a lot of dislikes. Then I thought how can someone so bright have so much to carry on her shoulder.

I’d feel bad after talking to her. For no particular reason though. As we got to know each other better, she became more comfortable with me. She’d tell me “here you are again” . I didn’t know how to take that really. So I just smiled and sat down with my fruit in my hand.  She lets me in on a secret on how she hates her job and wishes she could get out of it.

She basically did what she wanted at work and she got away with a lot I noticed. She had it good with the supervisor. The smiles, the mini cup cakes she’d bring. The hugs. I was getting in on it. But I didn’t think it was light anymore. She started describing me to me day by day. I was a horrible person. I felt bad.  I didn’t meet her standards. If she wouldn’t approve of me then who would?

I stopped talking to her for a while, I felt bad about myself. She was too good to be my acquaintance.

2 weeks go by and I feel slightly better about myself. I start seeing other colleagues annoyed at her. Then one evening, the employee that had a quarrel with her got fired. Her supervisor said she was inadequate and wasn’t meeting standards. Knowing the employee who got fired. She was relentless and was doing a lot more than “Angel” was.

I passed by her office on my way out and she gave me a smirk. One that had no sign of light but only I could see that. The veil did a good job of covering that though. A month later I was up for review and new employees were coming in. She had moved up in the company. She was an angel of death. He group of friends grew smaller on her social media. I would know.  Two had committed suicide. Two friends from the same circle. That was very odd. At least to me it was.

Leaving work, a month later. I heard someone fall and then silence.

I went running to see what had happened. The Angel was taken away from us.

I shed a tear. Then I smirked.


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