One of the main problems of religious people in today’s world

An 8 year old kid came up to me and told me that he doesn’t like  a certain person. I asked him “Why ?”  He told me that because she isn’t a muslim and she doesn’t wear appropriately and that he hates her as well.

An 8 year old. 2016. Already racist. Already discriminating.

A little over a year ago I taught at an institute that was pretty conservative. The majority of that institute were low income families who wanted to improve their English language.

A lot of these kids came from a very conservative background. Some of them would speak amongst themselves saying how English is not important because they are muslims and that it  didn’t matter.

And then we had this group of young and ambitious students who accepted all. They were the brightest in the class and had an open mind towards the world. They scored the highest in class and always had a better arguments towards logic.

A lot of “conservative” parents these days, teach their children all about Islam. With what hand to write/eat, what feet goes in a shoe first etc. All of those same kids don’t know the basic of manners such as ” thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, may I, a smile to strangers, not belittling foreign workers such as the office boy, the janitor and the driver.

Those same kids call a worker “Hindi”. In arabic meaning Indian. That’s one of the most common racist comments almost everyone says here. A story told told to me about someone attending a funeral of one of her friend’s family member. . After reaching the place, she realised it was their place of worship ( A Maatem, not sure what its called in English ).She flipped, and was almost not going to go in.

When she did, she gave everyone looks and looked down at them like she was better than them. I want you to bear in mind that this is the same religion, different sect.

We still have major racial issues to solve ourself amongst each other if even want to partly be accepted or even looked upon as civil by other cultures. If we keep killing and discriminating amongst ourselves how will anyone else even accept us?

Teach your children to love, not to hate. To accept but not to be influenced. To listen but not to be quick to judge. Let’s teach each other while we’re at it.

As Ricky Gervais pointed out: ” There have been nearly 3000 Gods so far but only yours actually exists.The others are silly made up nonsense. But not yours. Yours is real.”

We all mostly believe that our God is the only real God because we were brought up that way only. So if you think that your God is the one and only. Then you my friend are blessed. If you believe with all your heart that your religion makes the most sense and you’re on the right path ( just like I believe that ). Then please be a lighting example to others. Be light when there is darkness, shelter when there’s exposure, acceptance when there is unjust rejection. Be the shining example that people think “MY GOD, am I on the right here”

Let go of judgement, hate, racism and all of those ugly traits.
I don’t know of a religion that acquires any of the above.


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