Lessons from a 100 videos and a 100 blog posts

OK I made a video about this ( it’s in the making as we speak ). But I just had to write about it. I’m so psyched that I can’t think of anything else to write.

I recently wrote about me writing a 100 blog posts .  That was around a month ago. And here I am now with a 100 videos as well. I know that I don’t have as many videos as a lot of Youtubers. But that’s why its exciting. I’m a newbie and I’m loving it. ronald_mcdonald

The 100th video I made was the hardest edit I every had to do. It took me around 7-8 hours but I loved every minute of it. I had around 3 hours of footage and didn’t know how to turn it into a video.Eventually with a little brainstorming  I guess I can officially call myself a Youtuber. And that’s pretty cool. A 100 videos and 5,225  views ( As of when I type this ). I’m stoked. I know I said that a lot. But I want to take this opportunity and see if I can get stoked about the rest of my life as well. I want to bring the same kind of enthusiasm into other areas of my life.

Here’s what I bring to my video making and blogging table:

  1. Always trying new thing. I’m afraid of trying new things. New video styling editing, new taboo topics to talk about on the blog. But every time I do it, a breakthrough happens. Now I always try and run towards my fears so they back up a little.
  2. Being consistent .Whenever I do something for long enough and  for a long time while enjoying it, magic happens. So I try and be consistent in what ever I love and that’s good for me.
  3. I get out of my comfort zone. This is basically point 1 with a twist. My 100th video on Youtube I had to get up at 4am, drive to literally the other end of the island and follow some cyclists for 3 hours at 3okm/hour. Worth it but it was very uncomfortable.  I Get out there and do something that makes me ache. Something
  4. I get ideas from everywhere. Anything I see is an idea. Any person I talk to has something to offer. Something, anything. It’s all inspiration. It’s all good.I try and  read, watch and listen more.

Thank you all for taking time out of your precious life to look into mine.

YOU are what keeps me going.


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