What Ramadan should really be about

Ramadan! It’s a hot topic right now. I need to talk about it.

This is the perfect time to talk a little more about my beliefs as well. I usually refrain from that because I don’t like shoving my beliefs down anyone else’s throat for one. 2) I think it’s a personal internal system that you share with God and everyone else should be respected as human beings no matter what.

I used to be a little racist. I know it now. At the time I would have probably denied it. But we all are a little racist really. Please don’t deny it. What I’m aiming for is accepting everyone for who they are. I think this is the closest I’ve ever been. I no longer look at people through the culture/religious glass. I simply see how they are as a human being and how I’m treated, and how they treat others too.

This post isn’t really about ramadan per se but more about what we should really be focusing on. Ramadan or not. But since the holy month is upon, it’s always motivation to up it a notch while you’re at it.

I love you.

This is what happens when I get out of bed unable to sleep due to a food coma. I just don’t make as much sense. But I do love you ( my readers ) for taking time out of your schedule to read this post. It means something. It’s special.

Ramadan is know as the month of giving. Heck, even Facebook knows it.

What we should be working on is generosity. And no I don’t mean just giving money to someone who you think is in need, while instantly feeling better about yourself as a human being. I’m talking about being generous with yourself first.

Being generous with your smiles, being generous with your time ( with loved and appreciated ones ) , being generous with how you treat yourself, being generous with your love, being generous with your kindness, being generous with your helping hand, being generous with your talents and spraying it positively to make this world a better place, being generous with with your emotions and lastly being generous enough to spread this post like it’s going to make a change in the world ( That is just shameless, I know. But I genuinely believe that words could move mountains ) .

You come first. Family and friends a close second.
You helping yourself become a better human being, automatically helps those around you. Be generous to yourself first and then give so much that it becomes a part of you DNA.

Ramadan Kareem. Happy fasting.
God bless.

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