The human resource(r)

Lets name him Alan. Let’s call him Alan brown. He is in the people business.

He helps companies help people. Get them sorted, get them educated for their role, and just help them out with any problems they encounter during their employment period.

Here’s the thing. Alan was not very good at his job. He had started off well but his business slowly began to deteriorate. He was losing money, losing clients and slowing losing all of his wealth. He ended up having only a little money left in his bank account that actually belonged to him. He looked up the best damn guy in the business. He was well known and his track record spoke for itself.

He invested all what he had and hired a pro. Now this guy. We call Jimmy. Jimmy was in his early thirties, bright, sharp, motivated and highly successful. People trusted him, he was genuinely nice and was always ready to do business ( AKA Kick Ass ) .

Alan could not digest him. But he needed him. A year goes by. Alan’s business is back on its feet and bringing in a little profit. He now begins to question Jimmy and thinks he can make it all on his own ( again ).

Alan was particularly sacred about how he trained his employees. Most of his failures and complaints all came from Alan’s technique on training. So he’d lecture Jimmy from time to time on how to do business and what were the proper ways of training employees. Jimmy being the wise man that he is, he’d just listen,nod and let him finish what he had to say. Alan would love boasting over how he started his business from nothing and how he was doing business when Jimmy was still in diapers. Jimmy would tell him “of course, you’re right” . It helped Alan’s ego.

Jimmy knew that Alan’s way of doing business was long due and that is why is he was six feet under before he was hired. Jimmy also knew that Alan only meant good, and felt threatened. Not in the sense that Jimmy would take over but in the sense that he just couldn’t have been wrong all of this time. Or that his ways have been outdated or that he got lucky and made it big when he did. It was too much for him to handle.  He could not feel inadequate.

Day after day he’d be more paranoid and Jimmy’s success was slowly eating him alive. One fine day in the training room he saw Jimmy using a smart board and demonstrating some new techniques. Alan barged inside wth rage and yelled at him in front of everyone “those techniques are wrong, and you are going to lose us business, you fool. I have been doing this for a very long time and let me tell you how things work…..” . He didn’t stop until the meeting finished and took over the session in a very old fashioned way. People in the room felt alienated, disturbed and insecure.

Jimmy handed over his resignation and Alan accepted out of rage. Alan is now out of business and blames the stock market, the economy, wall street and the banks.

In an interview he said that Jimmy leaving had nothing to do with it. All of this was bound to happen regardless.



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