Coffee is not free you know..

You wake up, get a cup of coffee and start  your day. As soon as you do that you’re in debt.


Now going off topic

Coffee has countless of benefits, I won’t get into that. But coffee is a very controversial fruit. Yes, for those of you who don’t know, coffee is a fruit and not a bean. They are called beans because of its resemblance to true beans.

Coffee grows on trees as well. Fun fact. Here are a few more fun facts about coffee. coffee has the potential to take on a diverse range of fruit flavors. Depending on the variety, the roast, and the brewing method, coffee can be brewed to taste like white grape, lemon zest, plum juice, strawberry jam, etc. Prior to the past decade or so, coffee was commonly roasted darker in order to make it taste like chocolate or caramel. But in recent years, roasters have started to pay more attention to the beans’ more flowery, naturally occurring flavours.

The one kind of coffee I really want to taste is mushroom coffee. I think I’ll order me a bag soon.

Back to topic. Caffeine is bad stuff — especially if you have issues with fatigue and TBI. I mean, seriously, when I’m fatigued, I need to rest and recuperate, not push myself through like I always do. That fries my system and makes sure I’m in a persistent state of fight-flight. I know for a fact that that’s no good — it makes it difficult to learn and use higher cognitive functions. And the longer and more intensely I use caffeine, the more I’m stressing my system and whacking it out and jeopardizing my recovery.

Caffeine is neurotoxin alkaloid. It stops insects eating plants. It works by being a very similar shape to adenosine, a nucleotide which is very important in energy transfer and neurotransmission. Adenosine inhibits nerve firing because it prevents the release of excitatory neurochemicals such as serotonin and acetylcholine.

So, basically, it’s keeping my body from putting the brakes on, disguising fatigue from the receptors that are built to realize when there’s a bunch of adenosine in my system.

That can’t be good, if I’m running out of steam and genuinely need to rest. Basically, it sounds like caffeine is tricking my body into picking up speed, when it should be doing just the opposite.

So, here’s this neurotoxin getting into my system, pumping me up and cranking out those neurochemicals. It might not seem like such a bad thing, but I’ve also heard that part of the excitory activity actually comes from the body’s defense response to a perceived threat from the caffeine, which some have called a natural pesticide. So, my system is getting a dose of pesticide and going into fight-flight mode to defend itself from this threat I’m introducing on purpose, which then makes me feel like I’m doing better, when it’s really the adrenaline that’s coursing through my veins that’s telling me that.

I don’t actually become better. I just feel like I am.

I use caffeine solely as an emergency fight or flight situation. Like If I have a deadline that I HAVE to meet, a project to finish, stayed up late reading and watching pointless stuff and I have to spend with the family next morning. These are the situation I absolutely use caffeine as a drug to mask my fatigue.

Overall, I wouldn’t be concerned in the slightest about caffeine so long as you do not experience any adverse effects and average consumption is below 500mg. In fact, due to the beneficial properties of caffeine—not to mention the additional benefits from coffee, tea, and chocolate—I would personally recommend low to moderate consumption of caffeine. Whether you consume caffeine it is, of course, your choice.However, I wouldn’t be concerned with the fact that caffeine could technically be classified as a neurotoxin or “natural pesticide”. As the cliché toxicological phrase goes, it’s the dose that makes the poison.

But if you do drink it and you’re fatigued. Know that you’ll be paying for it.

So treat caffeine like a credit card. Consume now, pay later.


DO we really die?

Let me start this post with this verse: ” Every soul will taste death”

Now that we have established that. We are all going to die. But what does death really mean?
Wikipedia says that its the end of the life of a person or organism. I think that is only partly true. But I don’t agree with the end part. You see end means there is no more of you. But in today’s day and age where everything is documented, social media, videos, news etc. It’s really hard for anyone to end. I’d rather use the term “discontinued”

“Today one of our beloved brothers/sisters has discontinued from their on going services”
It even has a better ring to it. It’s like building a company. You work, work, work, company then decides to go public. Shareholders then think you aren’t suitable for the job and then you are discontinued from working there. But you still built it, founded it and made it what it was. You’ll always have that. And no matter what, history isn’t going to change that.

Is the prophet Muhammad (pbh) dead? Is jesus dead (pbh)? Is Steve jobs, Is Dale Carnegie dead? Is jimmy Hendrix dead? What do they all have in common?

They’re still living amongst us. They’ve just moved on ( an no please God this isn’t a debate about  Jesus (pbh) not being dead etc , he’s merely an example. An example that is no longer here with us ( on planet earth ).

All of those who I’ve mentioned are still being studied, celebrated and in some extreme cases killed for ( or killing for them in their names) . And those are just a few that were in the top of my head. We don’t die. Our soul just exits. Knowing that we have a limited time to work on this huge organisation ( earth ) , I wanna leave behind some wicked stuff for when I’m discontinued. I  want the continued to take what’s left of my discontinued work and feel something.

Feel something beautiful. To build on it. To get inspired. To get spiritual. To get physical. To become a little better. To be a little more human. I hope when I’m this continued from planet earth this post will help someone continue better.


We don’t die. We just move on. What we leave behind stays.

10 things I learnt from Wafa Obaidat

I’ve had known Wafa for sometime now. It was always through business though. She was one of my smoothie customers. She was basically the one coming up with the recipes. I was just blending them for her. But recently I’ve gotten the chance to interview her and met her at her Obai & hill headquarters. I feel like I know her now on a more personal level. It was an absolute blast meeting her and I felt uplifted after our meet. Here are 10 things I learnt from her:

  1. She doesn’t take things personal: I remember the first time she called me to place an order ( I doubt she’ll remember this ), she needed some sort of detox smoothies and didn’t want any bananas or mangoes. So I told her how sad she was for not having those 2 amazing fruits in her life. I literally told her ” I feel sorry for you for not having mangoes and bananas”. Now bare in mind I didn’t know who this person was. I later felt bad about talking to a customer like that. She then laughed it off and continued working with me anyways. She has thick skin and that’s how you make it when you’re in business. She acknowledged my unneeded sarcasm and made nothing out of it.
  2. She makes business by being there for you:  I noticed Wafa is one to help. Always throwing at you advice and how you could expand, grow etc etc. She doesn’t ask you to use her services but gives you free advice anyways. And that is good business. She doesn’t just want your money ( even if that’s her intention ) . She goes beyond that to give you some tip on how you can make your business better.
  3. She’s an opportunity maker: she reminds me of Jim Carrey in “Yes Man” yes man

    When I approached her about the interview, she jumped right into the opportunity, even though I’m not big time like some of the local and international press that she has received over the years.

  4. She believes in start-ups: Coming from humble beginnings herself. She now has faith in what a start up can become. She always advocates helping out start ups and encourages everyone to be an entrepreneur or to think like one and be resourceful.
  5. She’s a people’s person: She’s always smiling, making sure to be comforting. She treated me like someone she had known for years. That’s not a trait you’re born with. She’s not only a great person to do business with but also a great overall person to simply hang out with.
  6. Her gut is her guide: She doesn’t let naysayers stand in her way. If she did,she wouldn’t have made it this far. Let your gut be your guide my fellow readers, and please shut down all the naysayers in your life.
  7. She hires carefully: All of her team ( Aka as her woman’s army ) are hand picked carefully. She has a criteria of what kind of employees she wants to work with. And they all have character, passion and charisma.
  8. She loves what she does: The growth of her business seems to have to do a lot with the fact that she enjoys getting out of bed and heading to the office. She spews passion into her work. Something she calls “Labor of Love”.  Passion my friends is key in succeeding.
  9. she’s a giver: I went over there and was about to ask her a few questions as she answered. But instead she just took control of the situation and told me everything I wanted to hear.I was blown away. I had no more questions for her. If anything, she gave me more than I bargained for. She’s a giver. And she does it well. By the end of the conversation she asked me to turn the camera back on because she wanted to give advice to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. I was blown away. And all that comes with experience. Give. And you shall receive.
  10. She’s articulate: Watching her talk was like music to my ears. As someone who enjoys good conversations and has a good ear for beautiful and articulate flow. She scored an A+
  11. She takes up challenges for breakfast: I know I said 10, but I had to write this point as well.Every year she challenges herself by doing some insane feat. This year she’s attempting a 113 kilometres. Let that sink in a little. She’s training for her first Ironman 70.3. And I know that she’s going to conquer that like a boss that she is.

There’s a lot more you can learn from the talented and ambitious Wafa.

Here’s the whole video. 

How much weight will I lose if…

If I eat 1,800 calories how much weight will I lose?
Will your smoothies make me thin again?
I’m traveling next week, what smoothies of yours do you recommend to have a summer bod?
Will smoothies and exercise make me lose 10 kilos in 10 days?

Question I always get.

My answer always: ” Everyone is different. I can’t give you a number, or how many calories you need to lose X amount of weight. It depends on your metabolism, lifestyle, age, sex, activity etc. So how about you try ….. for a while and see how you feel and then you can take it from there”.

Most people HATE that answer. They need a quick fix. They need someone to con them. Someone to tell them HERE YOU GO, HERE’S A FAD DIET. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY PLEASE. Its comforting in a way. It assuring that maybe they’ll lose 10 kilos in ten days. I instead advocate they try some of my smoothies plus give them a sort of food program that I do and has been working for me very well. But quick fixes are still the best sellers.

I could easily double my profits if I promoted my products as weight loss products. Life transformational etc. But I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I just wouldn’t.

Here’s what I advise every human being should do for optimum health.

  1. Sleep:Sleeping for Less Than Six Hours May Cause Early Death. Enough said ( research the rest)
  2. Movement: Moving the body is one of the best ways you could heal it. Movement = healing. Keep healing yourself. Take walks, runs, yoga,jogs, cycling, lift, swim, do martial arts. Just move man.
  3. Real Food: What’s real food? Anything you eat, take one good look at it and ask yourself, “is this real food? Is popcorn real? Is this colourful candy real? Is it? “ I have written a lot on whole foods, read a few of my older posts.
  4. Faith: Because faith can bring you peace and faith moves mountains. Faith. Try it sometime.
  5. Love: Surround yourself with loved ones, cut the rest. See those who make you feel warm inside, those are the ones you spend the most time with. It’s as simple as that. And please love yourself too

I don’t go deep today. I don’t have the mental clarity and time to. But I hope this post helps you find what you’re looking for. At least partly.

My DC/Marvel rant

So let me go on a little rant here that probably means nothing to most of you. But I have to say it anyways. I’m a huge DC fan. I do like marvel as well. They make fantastic movies. I was blown when Ironman came out. Wow, that was revolutionary. But not really in love with the characters. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been more of a DC kid. Batman, superman over spiderman and ironman anytime of the summer holiday.

I want to talk about the DC movies. Dc has been behind for quite some time now. As painful as it is to admit. Evenhough I prefer their characters. Marvel just happens to make better movies. I think Marvel changed the game with Ironman. When Ironman was first released. I was blown away at what they have done. It was an incredible movie and marvel just kept excelling from there. That was right around the time the Dark knight was released. Here’s something a lot of people will disagree on.I didn’t really like the dark knight. And I wasn’t all that crazy about Heath Ledger’s performance. I think the movie was overrated. Way overhyped and a bit dull. Unlike Batman begins. I absolutely loved Batman begins. But my personal favourite out of the trilogy is the dark knight rises.

Anyways, back to the rant. DC then continued to produce poor quality superhero movies in my opinion such as the green lantern, superman returns and man of steel. I think those movies were “ok”. But nothing as good as Batman. Then we had Batman vs Superman appear. And they just changed the game. I mean I fell in love with them all over again  It was dark, cinematic, great story line. And an overall fantastic feature.

But then the critics came along and whined about how dark it was bla bla bla. So after DC took the hit from the critics. They decided to reshoot suicide squad. I remember watching the first trailer and getting goosebumps all over, thinking this is definitely gonna be an R rated movie. But after the reshoots, and the music they added and turning it into this whole happy sort of bad guy movie. It just wasn’t the same anymore.

DC being at the mercy of critics. Justice League looks like is gonna be another suicide squad. A bit better though. The trailer itself says it all. All  you see is Rock music and some jokes. I mean,do you remember the first trailer of BvS? The first suicide squad trailer?

I only dream that I get to watch another DC movie as good as Bvs.


Having a Job can be a problem

Having a job can be wrong. You see how I said “a” job.

I don’t just mean a job, I mean one job. This I think has been told over and over again but we still just have that one job. This isn’t a post about you quitting your job by the way, just so you know. It’s far from that. It’s knowing you have a problem with a single job. OR to make it even clearer, a single revenue. You don’t have to literally be working if you don’t want to but maybe think of investing some of that money for when a bad day comes. Or just for the sake of having MORE.

I know lots of people who think their jobs are secure. Fair enough. How about a little more money on the side with the hard earned money you’ve worked so hard to earn?

When people hear the word investment, this is what comes to mind wall


I don’t have the slightest clue about stocks either. But here a few simple things that you could invest in, rather than having ALL of your money in the bank:

  1. Property ( maybe a small apartment )
  2. Skills ( Are you good at a certain thing? Maybe give a class, a private class? You can start by offering a free class or even 2 free classes and if you’re really good then you can charge )
  3. Contacts : Talk to people who are in investment. People who are making a living out of it and ask them a question or two. Let them give you a hot tip. You don’t have to know stocks to invest in them, just trust the contact(s).
  4. Start ups: A lot of people are sitting at home with a brilliant idea waiting to be funded. Talk to some youngsters, see what they have in mind. You can invest in them and get a piece of the pie. Heck, you can even be a silent partner.
  5. Yourself: Is there any better person to invest in than yourself? How about a course on something that’ll help you excel at work ? Did the person who just promoted at work have a better degree? Maybe its time you took some of that money and improved yourself a bit. It shouldn’t be a course per se. It could be a book or a free online course. Coursera have amazing free ( or very affordable courses) that can really help you enhance your skills. This could even land you a new job ( or a part time job)

Here’s the problem with having a single job:

When you have a single job, your life has a problem. You see. I’m gonna use a bad word here. Well it’s used as a bad word as well but it has several meanings and the meaning I’m referring to is : “debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.” We’re all who***. We just sell ourselves differently. There’s a degrading/unethical/unholy way  you can sell yourself and there’s the way we all sell ourselves on a daily basis. Since this is the world we live in. We don’t want to sell ourselves short. Here’s the real problem with the single job.

YOU inc. hires you, and you’re their only product. And you’re being charged less for your services than you’d normally charge. Why? Because YOU inc is the distributor. It buys you and then rents you for a higher amount to its customers. Customers that you may not even see. And you have no other service. Because YOU inc fills up your time and makes sure that you don’t have time to do anything else, or else you get “warned”.

YOU inc (in partnership with the ministries and your bank) tethers you to a location to make it harder for you to seek out alternatives.

YOU inc. often only hires people who paid $100,000 or more for a piece of paper (a degree) when they were ages of 18-22. This tethers you even more because you have to pay back that money or spent that much money and you feel need to make it all back.

It’s a partnership of corporation and government and college to enslave you.

Our goal is to break out of the slavery.

Always be thinking of an evil plan to escape.

Break a little free. You’ll never be completely free. So you might as well try and be as free as possible.

Your thoughts are how you’ve been treated

Today a friend called me and asked me for some advice, as we were talking, she yawned and then hung up the phone. I looked at my phone and was in a bit of a shock , so I didn’t call back. I later text her ” did you just hang up on me? ”

She called me back laughing saying that she couldn’t hear, that’s why she hung up on me and why I would even think something like that? She told me something the sticked with me today the whole day.
” What kind of people do you know? “. And I do know some pretty weird people.

When we are treated a certain way, it’s what we expect from the world. I almost always try and give people the benefit of the doubt but today I didn’t. And that may be because of some of the people I’ve dealt with. If I’m constantly treated like sh**  then I’ll constantly expect people to treat me the same way. I’m very fortunate to say that I have a treasure of people in my life. But just like everyone else I do have a bunch that need cutting off.

She later told me to never tell her that or think such a thing.

After that phone call, it kept me thinking about my thoughts and how we create our own little world inside of us of how and what people are (to us). I have a friend that constantly thinks someone is trying to prove him wrong or constantly trying to rip him iff. He’s unbearable to hang with most of the times. I don’t blame him though. It’s what he’s had to deal with.

I sometimes give people too much of a benefit that others around me tell me to wake up. Not everyone thinks the same. I end up feeling a little empty and a little bit like a loser. It has hardened me a little bit and I think ill of more people than I used to.

After today’s phone call I’ll be the ass**** that gets disappointed. I’d rather live my life giving people the benefit rather than creating twisted delusions of what people may or may not be.

At times it’s just obvious though. In those times you just have to say “Bye bye”.

Have some faith in humanity. Just a little.

The biggest fad ever sold and its working( part 2)

So this here is the continuation to my previous incomplete post here.

We are being sold things we don’t need on a daily basis. Sometimes we know we’re being conned and sometimes we don’t. We usually don’t accept the reality that we are being lied to. But that’s just us. It’s less of an issue knowing we don’t need it but we’re buying it anyways.

For instance I just recently bought a new 55″ TV. Did I really need that? NA!

But it was a convenience due to its features I won’t have to connect my laptop to the television again every time my daughter wants to watch cartoons. So its more of a convenience than a need. And so are 90% of the stuff we buy. The new shoes, new bags, that new under armour short that’s going to make you a better athlete.

All that’s good and fine. Just your typical propaganda.

But then we’re sold a whole new and different kind of propaganda. We are being sold beach bodies, health and a whole lot of whey and vitamins.

I can talk about this topic for ages. But I’m going to keep it short (ish)

Diet is fad. Plain and simple. A diet should not exist. Just food. And eating enough.

But the world has changed and evolved. A lot of us don’t even eat real food anymore. That’s where diet plans came in. Paleo, vegan, Atkins, Keto etc. Leaving us even more confused really.

  • The two week body transformation
  • The beach body diet
  • The atkins diet
  • The vegan diet
  • The Paleo diet
  • Pesceterian diet
  • The General motors diet ( Can you imagine that a  diet is named after a car manufacturing company)
  • Dash diet
  • mind diet
  • Tlc diet
  • The fertility diet
  • Mayo clinic diet
  • The Mediterranean diet
  • The flexitarian diet

I just named some of the most popular ones. Overwhelming right?


Here’s my take on all this to call it a night. Diets are fads. Just eat real food.

In today’s class that I was teaching we talked about food. I’m suppose to be teaching about kinds of food and cuisines. I start with telling them “You must eat real food. What is real food? Anybody? ” They didn’t even understand my question. Then I asked them ” what is candy? ” Someone answered ” Halawa” . Meaning candy in Arabic . Then I told him” no, that’s garbage. What are M&m’s, pepsi, potato chips?. They’re all garbage and none of it is real food. Moving on with the lesson…”

Michael Pollon said it best: ” Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”

And Prophet Muhammed ( Peace be upon him) portioned it best: 1/3 for your food, 1/3 for your liquids, and 1/3 for your breath’ which also very closely matches the Japanese ‘hara hachi bu’ concept, which means eat until you are only 80% full.

Stop dieting and start eating REAL FOOD.


The biggest fad ever sold and its working( part 1)

We are always being sold stuff we don’t need on a daily basis. Just today morning I bought a bottle of 100% aloe vera. Didn’t taste really good. Tomorrow I’ll also buy something I don’t need and that’s just how it is.

But let me tell you something’s that’s being sold to you in the form of well being…


Just for one day I’d like to try and write a 100 words and turn off the laptop because I want to. Because I’ve had a long day and my challenge was to write. Sure it isn’t as much as I always write and sure I left a big hole right in the middle of it. But I really hope this leaves you wanting a little more.


Did the love bit save the post?!

Quantity vs quality

Now here’s something we hear a lot. Quality vs quantity. It’s all about quality man!!

I kind of disagree. To a certain extent. You see we all have interests, attention spams, and limits. Some may understand math faster than me and I may understand video editing faster than them. Quality really has a little to do with it all. It has a lot to do with what I said above. Mainly interest and attention spam.

So this guy comes in to the gym . He says I want to get big. I have no time though. I can only work out 2 times a week due to my work schedule. So the trainer tells him, I’ll make sure that every rep you make is of great quality, that way you make the most of your workouts. This other guy comes in with a lot of time on his hands and decides to get big. He doesn’t even consult anybody, he reads up online, sees some videos and voila! In a month’s time. The busy dude can now do 20 very effective pushups with near perfect form. The other dude can do 60 pushups now, 30 with perfect form and the other 30 he’s perfected a new grunt he didn’t know he could do.

Then these other 2 guys suddenly want to become  Youtube sensations. So they decide to learn everything there’s to know about video making. They learn everything there’s to know and then Jack vows to only post quality videos. Nice titles, scripted stuff and all polished. Jody posts a video everyday regardless of the quality. He does it with passion, enthusiasm and love. A month later Jack has posted 6 videos that are superb in quality. Jody has 23 videos up. Jack has a total of 600 views and Jody has a 753 views. Now you see Jack obviously has a better number considering his number of videos but Jody is ahead of the curve anyway.

We then have Sam and Anne. They’re both aspiring writers. They are fresh literature graduates and they want to be writers, and there’s nothing more they could want  to be. So Sam starts a journal and writes in the hopes that he’ll publish his first book in the first year. Anne starts a blog and starts writing every single day. In the next year a publishing company approaches Anne to offer her a contract to write for them. Sam struggles to find a publisher who’ll publish him. You see,  writing a book is a huge, exhausting effort. And you know what? Setting out to write one is not the first step to becoming a writer. Writing every day is.  So Anne wrote everyday as much as she could, wherever she could, whenever you could.Her first job was not to get published, but to get the words out. What makes a writer is the writing, not the accolades or accomplishments. Just the writing.

I now strongly believe that quality is a byproduct of your work. Your countless work. The work you put in everyday, in and out. Quality isn’t going to suddenly appear out of nowhere. It appears of you doing it for a 100-1000000 times.

So how to stay ahead of the curve? Start doing crappy stuff. If you feel insecure about showing it to anyone, then don’t ( even though I really think failing in front of others again and again really boosts your self confidence ). But do it anyways, in secrecy or in public, the choice is yours, but do it as much as you can, wherever and whenever you can.

You want to be a writer? Start scribbling nonsense .

You want to be a filmmaker? Start taking videos with your phone and create a story ( not a snapchat/instagram story)

You want to get big? Start lifting as much as you can.

You wanna be a good cyclist? ( I know I do ). Get on the bike and get a feel for that saddle as much as you possible can. NO bike? Get on a stationary bike!

It’s : do what you can with whatever you have. You’ll then create magic cause it’s all you have and only you know how to use your own tools best.

Time to hit the publish button and make this part of the quantity.