The streak


I’ve been very reluctant to not write anything because I haven’t done it a while. I believe the last 3 posts were similar to this. But this time I mean it.

I miss it and most of my attention has deviated towards video blogging instead and creating mini films. I want to give equal attention to writing. I write almost everyday but don’t post it all the time. I think it’s time I start clicking on “publish” more often.

So here’s what I propose. A streak. A long and scary one. I was thinking 30 days but why not 60 or 90 even? My wife would so disapprove. She hates it when I go on streaks. She thinks it makes me obsessive and out of tune with other things **coughs her coughs**.

But I’m going on a streak and will eliminate other time consuming habits along the way. Habits that don’t help me grow, interact and be creative.

Priorities will be Family, exercise, video, writing and friends.

So 90 days then? It’s so scary that I’m even afraid to click ‘publish’.

What happens if I fall off the wagon. I get back on it. I’ll be gentle with myself and continue going anyways. There’s no excuse to stop. Even If I miss a day or two. You never know what could happen. But 90 days is the ultimate goal. If I end up doing 80, 70 or even 60 blog posts. That’ll be great.

60>0 Anytime of the day.

Get ready to read the greatest ad best stuff ever. This is me being pretentious.

I’ll stop here. The streak ends November 3rd. Easier to calculate this way


3 thoughts on “The streak

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