The suicide squad night

I almost forgot I was on a streak until 12:00am. Does this mean that I’m already off the wagon? Well, I make my own rules. The day’s not over until the sun comes out. I never really was with the whole 12:00 am ” Happy new year” thing. It should be with sunrise. That’s when you celebrate a new day. Enough of technicalities.

Let’s get into the post. I have waited for this movie for a long time. First it was finding out Jared was the new joker. That was enough excitement for me already. Then waiting to know when will the movie will be made. Then watching the ad a year before it comes out.

Why does hollywood do such a thing? A year early trailer? =/ I mean seriously.

The movie came out here on the 3rd of August 2016 at 11:30 pm. That was the first showing. And me waiting for a year, I just thought it was deserving  that I be on that first show. Heck it was released before the states. I had to be there. So I go to the movies, have some coffee and watch the movie.

My thoughts? (Spoilers)

Well…it was pretty entertaining. But it’s a one time see  movie. The action scenes were overkill. The music seemed forced. Will smith was cool, I liked the fire dude too. Harley quinn was perfect . They couldn’t have chosen a better Harley then Margaret Robbie.

And the JOKER. Ah, yes finally the joker. It was about time we see him. He was different. A joker we have never seen before. But I embrace change and I think he was pretty kick ass. I may be biased being a huge Leto fan but my friend who went with me told that he was good. Blingy, but good.

I am absolutely exhausted. Here’s a video I made about the night.

Goodnight now

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