The only guide to being able to do anything

This should not be confused with the how-to-do everything guide. This is how to do anything.

There are some simple rules to being able to do anything you want.

  1. Be interested: This rule is hard. Some people think it’s easy. Here’s a real life example. When I was 21 I thought I wanted to be a cartoonist. I love cartoons, I’ve seen a fair share of them. As an adult I still continue to watch them and I read the funny papers. Done. That’s what I thought interest in cartoons were and that I’d someday like to be a cartoonist and make up some funny stuff. So naturally I signed up for a graphic design class and was on my way to become a famous cartoonist. I bought a brand new computer and paid the fees. On the first day I wanted out. The learning process to become a cartoonist or a graphic designer was just too tedious for my liking. I dropped and could never get back the fees I paid. True story

So I now always, and I mean always research what I’m getting myself into. I already know what kind of mic and lenses I’ll need for my DSLR camera ( I don’t even have the camera yet) . So do your research before you think you’re interested in anything

2. Start. Now that you’ve done all of your research and you’re bloated with information, its time to get started. Enough reading now, enough researching, enough asking around. Just do it. You want get swoll ? Lift already? Wanna start a blog, open and follow their step to step directions. Wanna learn a new language start with hi, how are you and take it from there. It’s time to start doing.

3. Experience. Now that you’re doing it and you’ve shown interest. You have to keep doing it until you gain what we call “experience”. DO it again and again and again using the same 2 rules written above. While you do, keep reading and stay interested. Always show an interest and keep asking questions until you happen to know the answer to most of the questions.

4. And lastly but main importantly is patience. Patience is what’s going to get you there. Patience is what keeps you going . Patience is what keeps you from burning out. It’s all about patience. With patience and experience you can conquer anything.

Now go there and do anything you want.

Just be patient.

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