What I did on March 8, 2015

The silence kind of killed me. Even though they say silence is good for you I just couldn’t take it. Maybe there’s a specific kind of silence that’s good for you. Like silence with birds chirping, or the lake flowing, waves crashing maybe. But the sound of the air condition is not one that brings me peace. And plus it was always cold, didn’t really help.

I’d sit there for 4 hours before I had actual work. I got a fat check at the end of the month.I have no idea where did all that money go. I can’t even remember the making money time. I’d come home, feel like complete sh** and would hate sleeping because it reminded me of what I was going to wake up to.

I think until know I never got that much money from one job. I had already quit once. They  asked me to stay and told me how things are going to change etc etc. I stayed. Came back for more cold silence. They saw that I was practically free the first 4 hours so they gave me meaning less paperwork to do.

The work they gave me could have been finished within an hour, it took me 4.5 that I was late to my actual duties. It was miserable. I was slowly beginning to come to work an hour late. Then 2 hours late. Then I got a warning letter. It was funny.

I then quit again. This time I meant it. My plan B was so poor but I was so happy. I began making half the money I was making. It was amazing. I become more productive, happier and smiled more. Here’s exactly what I did, the day I quit

swimswim 2

The day is March 8, 2015. I still haven’t made more money in a single job than that job and it’s been FANTASTIC.

Just let me leave you with what I think is success now. It has changed from time to time but for now success to me is : Contentment everyday

Success doesn’t mean money if it causes misery.


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