Beware the frenemy

I was half way done with my other post but I put it on hold and just had to write about this. Now, this may seem like a silly matter and I’ve had worse happen to me. It just hadn’t happen in a while. So this is my way of venting.

So here’s the story:

I work late today, so I decide to order food in between class. I come out for my break and tell the receptionist to order food for me ( as she has before ), she tells me no because she doesn’t like ordering over the phone. Now put in mind this is someone who has been a receptionist for 5 years or more ( meaning her life revolves around phones ). I ask her “why” and she tells me because she always get the order wrong. I tell her that my order is super simple and almost impossible to get wrong. The reason I ask her to do it for me is because she knows the address and the company is registered under the restaurant. Anyways, I move on and make nothing of it so I go and ask the office manager about ordering. She tells me the restaurant that I want to order from have some sort of deal with the company and we get a discount. I say great!!

So I make the call, and receptionist has her eye on me. I then hand her money for when my food arrives. After class I come to her and she tells me that the restaurant called asking if she ( company staff ) made the order. She tells them NO, it was some instructor ( which they didn’t get, so they didn’t give me the discount ) and she’s says ” here’s your change hahaha”. I was enraged and told her right to her face ” you are a bad person, you have no good in you” . After I told her that, her laugh went down a notch and then tells me ” they  called after delivering your food , so you weren’t going to get a discount anyways”. That makes ZERO sense.

This is what she is: A Frenemy!!!

Frenemy is an oxymoron and a portmanteau of “friend” and “enemy” that can refer to either an enemy pretending to be a friend or someone who really is a friend but also a rival.

A person who doesn’t anyone else to get a piece of the pie ( even though you’re entitled to it ) A person who’s all about grudges, pitifulness and hatred. A person who doesn’t want anyone else to succeed. Do not be a frenemy.

Be a helping hand, pass the torch, a shoulder for other when they need it. Be the best version of yourself. Give, smile and always make sure to be helping.  This is not about a lousy discount, the food itself was already super cheap. It’s about the principle. About how someone would make sure that you don’t even get a measly discount, just so you don’t benefit. Don’t be an A******

We cannot survive without each other. We are all in need for one another, but we are mainly in need for humanity, compassion and love.

May her heart be cleansed. And may she share the discount with the rest of the company.


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