Something I’m beginning to fall in love with ( Part 1)

You see love isn’t easy. I mean it’s actually really really hard. People think love is glamorous. I mean yes it can be, but it’s not all that. Love is a whole is beautiful. But maintaining love, oh! That takes a lot of work. Takes a lot of maintenance. Love is like a very expensive super car.

Say, you have a Ferrari. You see how fancy that car looks. You take one look at it and boom! You’re in love. Easy right?! Ok now that we have the east part out of the way. Try owning one. Whole different ball game. Unless you’re a millionaire with money to waste, its going to kind of drag you down.

You have insurance to pay, which is super expensive. Mind you that’s every year.

Then you have the maintenance part. That it self will cost you an arm and a leg, so it’s not exactly a daily use car.

Then you have tires. Oh mama. Brakes. And all of the other stuff that cars wear out.

Now after taking care of all of that. You don’t really feel comfortable parking your car anywhere, do you? So even while driving it, you are not exactly at ease. The brief moments that you do enjoy it either when you’re on a highway going fast and smooth, or when you notice everyone around you at the lights staring at the car, or when its in your home garage and someone comes by. That’s an expensive price to pay.

But that’s love. And you need to embrace it if you want to be whole. It’s part of our DNA. So when that car you love sends you to the service centre with a quotation of $$$$$. You just smile and pay for that B****.

Love will knock you down. Love will give you soft spots. Love will make you cry. Love will give you butterflies and you may confuse with irritable bowel syndrome. Love will put you down on your knees when you don’t even fathom it. Love will make you do things that are illogical and maybe even downright stupid. Love sounds like a terrible thing after this horrendous but beautiful description.

But that’s who we are . We are human and rational beings. Love is part of us, love is what make us..well lovable. Without love, hatred and war is what’s left. Greed and selfishness. Love is greater than ourselves. Love is going beyond our selfish little egos and doing the unspeakable. I try and love more everyday, cause its so much fun. Especially the IBS part.

So here’s what I’ve come to love. And it’s almost something I sometimes get out of the way to just do.

…to be continued



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