Something I’m beginning to fall in love with ( part 2 )

If you didn’t read the previous post then I suggest you click here. For you linkedin readers, look for part 1.

I am beginning to fall deeply in love with…..* drum roll*…..


Not only am I falling in love with it, I am embracing it and doing a pretty good job in maintaining it. I don’t know how we as adults fear failure. All we did was fail and we loved it. We used to purposely fail. I now look at my daughter, and she insists on failing. She heads towards failure with a smile. Every time she goes back to it, she’s a better baby. At first she celebrated her first ever back crawls. The she celebrated her front crawls. Then she celebrated her falls. She’d love falling. But would get up and do it again. We all celebrated her baby steps ( literally a baby taking steps ). We’d cheer for her, take pictures and all go crazy just because she took one step. I don’t even fathom this. I feel like I need an award after every 3k I do now. Anyways, she can now walk. Not without a few falls but she can walk. And she’s happy about it. She went through a whole lot of failure. She fell on her face a couple of times, she held couches, chairs, anything her little hand can reach really. IMG_6812

What happened to us? What happened along the way? All these failures. And now…?

Some of us are even afraid to do the simplest of things because we’re afraid we’re going to fail. It’s part of the process. No matter what you do, you will fail first. And if you want to make it big, you’ll fail again, and again, and again. And you’ll love it. And you’ll celebrate it. That’s what we should be doing anyways. Here’s what our snapchat should be more like: ” Hey everybody just fell off the bike, it was my 8th time and I think I broke something”.  ” This is the chicken I just cooked, I don’t if I should have left dead or..” ” I just failed ( not nailed ) my interview because I didn’t have the right answers”

More failure. Less shiny s****.

More look at me failing. And then it gets better and better and better. Then you fail at something else and celebrate it. This is probably me failing right now. Failing to write an articulate, perfectly grammatical post.

I love failing now, and I try to do it more than I succeed. Success being the end game. Failure being the beautiful baby steps.


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