Quantity vs quality

Now here’s something we hear a lot. Quality vs quantity. It’s all about quality man!!

I kind of disagree. To a certain extent. You see we all have interests, attention spams, and limits. Some may understand math faster than me and I may understand video editing faster than them. Quality really has a little to do with it all. It has a lot to do with what I said above. Mainly interest and attention spam.

So this guy comes in to the gym . He says I want to get big. I have no time though. I can only work out 2 times a week due to my work schedule. So the trainer tells him, I’ll make sure that every rep you make is of great quality, that way you make the most of your workouts. This other guy comes in with a lot of time on his hands and decides to get big. He doesn’t even consult anybody, he reads up online, sees some videos and voila! In a month’s time. The busy dude can now do 20 very effective pushups with near perfect form. The other dude can do 60 pushups now, 30 with perfect form and the other 30 he’s perfected a new grunt he didn’t know he could do.

Then these other 2 guys suddenly want to become  Youtube sensations. So they decide to learn everything there’s to know about video making. They learn everything there’s to know and then Jack vows to only post quality videos. Nice titles, scripted stuff and all polished. Jody posts a video everyday regardless of the quality. He does it with passion, enthusiasm and love. A month later Jack has posted 6 videos that are superb in quality. Jody has 23 videos up. Jack has a total of 600 views and Jody has a 753 views. Now you see Jack obviously has a better number considering his number of videos but Jody is ahead of the curve anyway.

We then have Sam and Anne. They’re both aspiring writers. They are fresh literature graduates and they want to be writers, and there’s nothing more they could want  to be. So Sam starts a journal and writes in the hopes that he’ll publish his first book in the first year. Anne starts a blog and starts writing every single day. In the next year a publishing company approaches Anne to offer her a contract to write for them. Sam struggles to find a publisher who’ll publish him. You see,  writing a book is a huge, exhausting effort. And you know what? Setting out to write one is not the first step to becoming a writer. Writing every day is.  So Anne wrote everyday as much as she could, wherever she could, whenever you could.Her first job was not to get published, but to get the words out. What makes a writer is the writing, not the accolades or accomplishments. Just the writing.

I now strongly believe that quality is a byproduct of your work. Your countless work. The work you put in everyday, in and out. Quality isn’t going to suddenly appear out of nowhere. It appears of you doing it for a 100-1000000 times.

So how to stay ahead of the curve? Start doing crappy stuff. If you feel insecure about showing it to anyone, then don’t ( even though I really think failing in front of others again and again really boosts your self confidence ). But do it anyways, in secrecy or in public, the choice is yours, but do it as much as you can, wherever and whenever you can.

You want to be a writer? Start scribbling nonsense .

You want to be a filmmaker? Start taking videos with your phone and create a story ( not a snapchat/instagram story)

You want to get big? Start lifting as much as you can.

You wanna be a good cyclist? ( I know I do ). Get on the bike and get a feel for that saddle as much as you possible can. NO bike? Get on a stationary bike!

It’s : do what you can with whatever you have. You’ll then create magic cause it’s all you have and only you know how to use your own tools best.

Time to hit the publish button and make this part of the quantity.


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