The biggest fad ever sold and its working( part 2)

So this here is the continuation to my previous incomplete post here.

We are being sold things we don’t need on a daily basis. Sometimes we know we’re being conned and sometimes we don’t. We usually don’t accept the reality that we are being lied to. But that’s just us. It’s less of an issue knowing we don’t need it but we’re buying it anyways.

For instance I just recently bought a new 55″ TV. Did I really need that? NA!

But it was a convenience due to its features I won’t have to connect my laptop to the television again every time my daughter wants to watch cartoons. So its more of a convenience than a need. And so are 90% of the stuff we buy. The new shoes, new bags, that new under armour short that’s going to make you a better athlete.

All that’s good and fine. Just your typical propaganda.

But then we’re sold a whole new and different kind of propaganda. We are being sold beach bodies, health and a whole lot of whey and vitamins.

I can talk about this topic for ages. But I’m going to keep it short (ish)

Diet is fad. Plain and simple. A diet should not exist. Just food. And eating enough.

But the world has changed and evolved. A lot of us don’t even eat real food anymore. That’s where diet plans came in. Paleo, vegan, Atkins, Keto etc. Leaving us even more confused really.

  • The two week body transformation
  • The beach body diet
  • The atkins diet
  • The vegan diet
  • The Paleo diet
  • Pesceterian diet
  • The General motors diet ( Can you imagine that a  diet is named after a car manufacturing company)
  • Dash diet
  • mind diet
  • Tlc diet
  • The fertility diet
  • Mayo clinic diet
  • The Mediterranean diet
  • The flexitarian diet

I just named some of the most popular ones. Overwhelming right?


Here’s my take on all this to call it a night. Diets are fads. Just eat real food.

In today’s class that I was teaching we talked about food. I’m suppose to be teaching about kinds of food and cuisines. I start with telling them “You must eat real food. What is real food? Anybody? ” They didn’t even understand my question. Then I asked them ” what is candy? ” Someone answered ” Halawa” . Meaning candy in Arabic . Then I told him” no, that’s garbage. What are M&m’s, pepsi, potato chips?. They’re all garbage and none of it is real food. Moving on with the lesson…”

Michael Pollon said it best: ” Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”

And Prophet Muhammed ( Peace be upon him) portioned it best: 1/3 for your food, 1/3 for your liquids, and 1/3 for your breath’ which also very closely matches the Japanese ‘hara hachi bu’ concept, which means eat until you are only 80% full.

Stop dieting and start eating REAL FOOD.


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