Your thoughts are how you’ve been treated

Today a friend called me and asked me for some advice, as we were talking, she yawned and then hung up the phone. I looked at my phone and was in a bit of a shock , so I didn’t call back. I later text her ” did you just hang up on me? ”

She called me back laughing saying that she couldn’t hear, that’s why she hung up on me and why I would even think something like that? She told me something the sticked with me today the whole day.
” What kind of people do you know? “. And I do know some pretty weird people.

When we are treated a certain way, it’s what we expect from the world. I almost always try and give people the benefit of the doubt but today I didn’t. And that may be because of some of the people I’ve dealt with. If I’m constantly treated like sh**  then I’ll constantly expect people to treat me the same way. I’m very fortunate to say that I have a treasure of people in my life. But just like everyone else I do have a bunch that need cutting off.

She later told me to never tell her that or think such a thing.

After that phone call, it kept me thinking about my thoughts and how we create our own little world inside of us of how and what people are (to us). I have a friend that constantly thinks someone is trying to prove him wrong or constantly trying to rip him iff. He’s unbearable to hang with most of the times. I don’t blame him though. It’s what he’s had to deal with.

I sometimes give people too much of a benefit that others around me tell me to wake up. Not everyone thinks the same. I end up feeling a little empty and a little bit like a loser. It has hardened me a little bit and I think ill of more people than I used to.

After today’s phone call I’ll be the ass**** that gets disappointed. I’d rather live my life giving people the benefit rather than creating twisted delusions of what people may or may not be.

At times it’s just obvious though. In those times you just have to say “Bye bye”.

Have some faith in humanity. Just a little.


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